Modern Express News (correspondent Zhang Yi Tao reporter Zhao Dandan) On November 12th, the 4th Strong Network Motite Defense International Elite Challenge came to an end in Nanjing Jiangning. The 48 top-pointed white hat hacker team from home and abroad has launched a series of equipment to 358 million full-scale, high-intensive attack tests. Among them, my country’s self-developed advanced smart driving auxiliary system ADAs also participated in it, and showed its reliable functionality and security under high-intensity network attack. In each competition team, the competition for the series of motion, the mainstream commercial routers, cloud service platforms, web servers, switches, databases, etc., such as the mainstream domestic and foreign markets, and the database, etc. Survey.

Monographic construction products with endogenous security attributes, exhibited hundreds to thousands of multi-multi-multi-multi-multi-strength network attacks in remote lines on remote lines in 72 hours.

It is worth mentioning that the current automotive industry is being integrated with networked, intelligent development, and smart network cars are constantly entering ordinary people’s home, but some security incidents occurs. The 15 domestic and foreign mainstream commercial high-grade driving assistance systems (ADAS), which were deployed in this challenge, were found to have security vulnerabilities in the team players, and some can directly affect the high risk of driving safety.

In the real car verification, the players use the commercial ADAS high-risk vulnerabilities in just half an hour to achieve remote control vehicles, accelerated, brake, open the door, etc., highlight the security of the smart network car safe driving Tough and urgency. As a contrast, my country’s self-developed motion-developed Monate ADAS system, successfully subjected to high-intensive network attacks in this competition, fully verify the excellent performance in reliable functional safety, escorting the industry Health and orderly development provides China’s innovation solutions. (Correspondent for map) related recommendations.