Original title: Urban waterfront slow road will lead to the city deputy center of this newspaper (Reporter Liu Yang) On the 22nd, more than 60 riders ride along the CBD healthy greenway in the North Shore in the Qingfeng Park. Experience the waterfront of the green willow wado along the line.

In recent years, Beijing non-motor vehicle lanes, the trails are gradually combined with urban waterfront space, and citizens can be commuted on the waterfront slow road, and they can leisure fitness.

Beijing Youth Daily reported that the future, the public will have more waterfront space to choose from, and the city’s waterfront slow road will lead to the city center. At the scene, "riding a better life" jointly organized by the Beijing Water Affairs Bureau and the Beijing Municipal Transportation Committee and the Beijing Municipal Transportation Committee, and the Beijing Municipal Transportation Committee. "

Jia Feng, director of the Ecological Environment Department Propaganda Education Center, introduced that the road section of this event is the Tonghui River road. After years of governance, the Tonghui River is getting better and better. "We hope that through riding experience, publicity water, road and green three network integration of slow system reform implementation, inform the public that there is more and more waterfront space for citizens, walk, call on the public experience low carbon Healthy lifestyle.

Jia Feng said. In fact, in recent years, urban waterfront has gradually be gradually provided with commuting and leisure function, the Municipal Water Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Transportation Commission and other joint action, which is committed to creating a waterfront slow system. Beijing Water Affairs Bureau The person in charge introduced that in recent years, Beijing has implemented the first phase of the Southwest Second Ring Water Terminal Link and the River Facilities Reconstruction and improvement. By building a step, building a plank road, transforming the slope, etc. In series, the total length of the city’s Hunan gate, the next step, the next step will lead to the city center. In the future, Beijing will gradually promote the benefits The construction of the river and Qinghe and other basin. Among them, the lower section of the Qinghe City is located within the Wenyu River Park, which will conduct ecological management of 10 kilometers of rivers. It is 17 kilometers to build a slow bank system, 22 kilometers, new waterfront, synchronize Implement 72 hectares of shore-sliding green. (Editor: Dong Zhaori, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.