Recently, many primary school students spend thousands of dollars, even 3,000 yuan, causing the family contradiction, some even trigger alarm, complaint. Beijing Youth Daily reporter finds that in addition to the Otman card, there are more cash blind boxes, stationery blind boxes, etc., which are staring on primary school students, and most of these goods are poor, and the goods opened by the blind box It may make the child’s pocket money from the blood.

In this regard, the Consumer Protection Committee suggested that the "stationery blind box" triggered children to buy addiction.

Parents should be guided and educated, and the school also pays attention to the various limited edition probability commodities in the campus, and avoids the child’s breeding gambling mentality. In addition, merchants of producing and selling all kinds of blind box products, do not carry out research and development and publicity and sales of such products, affecting adolescent mental health.

  Dispute 10-year-old child spend thousand yuan lucky money to buy Altman card store denial to induce sales day ago, Hangzhou Fan found that many cards in the 10-year-old scorpion, originally, when he took the father and mother, The next lucky money to buy cards, I spent thousands of dollars less than a month.

She said that this card sales are similar to "blind box", the merchants continue to launch the so-called rare card, the more expensive card packs, the bigger the good card, the more inducible sales method is easy to let the children are fascinated .

"My nephew has made a large amount of consumption in the case of not knowing, the merchant has not stopped, but also may have induced consumption, and should return the money back." The owner said that every time there is a question, the children said It is the agreement of the family. It is impossible for children to buy Zhang Yi’s card. I have to call the other party’s parents first. The child bought so many cards, the parents did not find the stop, it should be the problem of tutor, can’t blame the merchant. Ms. Fan can only choose to send alarm to the jurisdiction.

The police officer found that Ms. Fan’s nephew spent a hundred yuan in recent recently purchased, and the use of hundreds of yuan. After the police brought the two parties back to the police station, the police contacted the market management department and the street mediation to conduct mediation. In the end, the owner Zhao returned 1,000 yuan, apologized, and the parties were over. To be recognized and liked and the consumer seller has "hanging sheep selling dog meat" suspicion, another long saying, my child is currently reading the third grade of elementary school, I have always liked to buy Altman card, spend thousands of dollars every year.

At the strict prohibition of the school teacher, the class of Altman card has passed. However, now the class begins to popular stationery blind box. In order to extract a hidden festival, the child actually purchased 20 sets of sets of 24 pieces, with a total price of more than 2,000 yuan, which is already completely addictive. After investigation, children don’t really like or have the utility feature of this product, but because of their school’s hidden or rare classmates, there is a voice between the same age, and the social relationship between classmates is The blind box changes. A child wants to be recognized by others and like it is more intense than adults.

They have chosen a shortest shortcut, which is the most rare blind box stationery, and use it to exchange friendship, exchange the voice.

  North Youth Daily reported that the card blind box was loved by students. Some students have said that they have purchased a few thousand dollars, still there is no settlement.

The card can also be used for war, and the students also form a game and climbing atmosphere.

In the e-commerce platform, the price of this card is from 2 yuan to 399 yuan, and there are many stores with a monthly sales of more than 50,000 yuan. However, search for "Altman Card" on social networks, more is the complaint of "pirated" "low price" "quality difference". In addition to the Ottman card, there are more wallets that are like cash blind boxes, stationery blind boxs, etc.

Bei Yanyu reporter saw that a business selling "cash net red smoking banquet" merchants sell the blind box package, the price of more than 100 lucky draw boxes, the seller claims that there is a cash with no price. However, the consumers bought, said that the goods he opened were not a circulating RMB, but printed in the lower left corner of each banknote. Another buyer comment: "blood loss". In addition, there is also a stationery blind box to see the student market.

The introduction of a shop shows that according to the number of stationery, the price of the stationery blind box is purchased from the Yuan to Yuan, and 50 pieces can be purchased once. "It’s not a pen on the picture, and I received only one yuan money."

Buyers who received goods were dissatisfied with this, they believed that the seller had a suspicion of "hanging sheep selling dog meat".

  Sound experts: Consumer alert to false propaganda operators must assume the Legal Quality Guarantee Liability Research Association, Chen Yinjiang, deputy secretary-general, said that the North Youth Daily said that this kind of blind box is played with an entertainment or game. The form of induces consumers to pay high costs, but they can’t get the value that matches it. Moreover, many buyers in these buyers are young people with relatively weak power, and some even minors are very susceptible to inertial consumption. Blind box consumption reflects some young people to pursue novelty, speculative and stimulating irrational consumption concepts. Young people are relatively weak, which is easy to induce irrational consumption.

Some young consumers are completely in the curiosity or blind follow-up, and they will put a lot of money in the so-called blind boxes such as "blind box", and finally, they often do not buy the corresponding value of goods.

Consumers should be rational consumption, don’t be confused by some so-called blind boxes, so excused to spend high price, neither buying a happy mood, and did not buy goods with money.

  The prompts issued by the Ningbo Consumer Protection Committee of Zhejiang Province said that recently received consultation and complaints, all of which were related to probability products – blind box stationery, Altman card. In order to draw a small probability of specialty, hidden models, limited amounts, children frequently ask parents to ask for parents to buy blind box products, leading to the spirit of the spirit, and even generate family contradictions. Here, the Ningbo Consumer Protection Committee issued a consumer warning, vigilant "stationery blind box" triggered children to buy addiction.

Parents should be guided and educated in the early days of the child’s blind box purchase, and if necessary, I will contact the school and the teacher to cultivate the correct social concept and the awareness of social concepts and honor and disgrace. The school also pays attention to the various limited edition probability-type commodity climps in the campus, and the parents are closely related to the blind box hot and cool down, and avoid children to breed gambling mentality. In addition, merchants of producing and selling all kinds of blind box products, do not carry out research and development and publicity and sales of such products, affecting adolescent mental health. Previously, Zhong Shenzhui also sent a document. Because all business businesses found that the blind box market is profitable, I hope to give a cup, except for the initial toys, catering, beauty, stationery, books and many other consumption areas. It has set off a "blind box style", and the figure of the blind box can be seen in the consumer market. However, there are many problems in the blind box market, including: merchants are suspected of false propaganda, and they do not match their goods and propaganda. Compared with ordinary goods, the blind box has strong information asymmetry, consumers can only rely on the business advertising publicity to buy, which is easy to be exaggeted by the merchant, the fiction probability, the color style does not match the fake Promotion misleading.

  In addition, the business is over-marketing, consumers easy to be "addictive"; product quality is difficult to guarantee, false, "three no" products have emerged; consumption disputes are difficult to solve, after-sales service needs to be improved, etc. For the specialty of the merchant to refuse "7 days no reason to return" service, China Consumers Association also said that whether it is in accordance with genuine sales or attachment sales, the basic attributes of the blind box itself are goods, and the operators must bear. Legal quality guarantee responsibility.

On the one hand, to ensure the source of the product is reliable, the chain is complete, eliminates "three no" products and counterfeits; on the other hand, actively fulfill the obligations of operators such as return, replacement, repair, etc., may not be excused by "attached" Exemption from quality assurance and after-sales service obligation should be undertaken.

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