Liu Xiaotong played 5 games and hoped that the team would control their emotions when they were eager to play
After five hard fights, the Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team defeated the Shanghai Women’s Volleyball Team 2-3.Captain Liu Xiaotong played five games in full. After the game, the fitness coach has been doing stretching recovery for her.Liu Xiaotong defended his opponent’s offense by himself.Photo / Osports “There is no excessive fatigue in the body. After all, I rested for 10 days before this game and I feel okay.”” Liu Xiaotong said after the game, “In fact, we are ready to play 5 innings. Shanghai is a relatively good traditional blocking team, and its offensive strength is relatively strong.””For today’s team performance, Liu Xiaotong believes that everything has been done well, but it can be better in its own mistakes and chance ball.”I played a lot of anti-anti-attacks today, but I didn’t seize the opportunity when there were many opportunities, and I didn’t do well in many small ball opportunities.I think the reason is that the team did not keep up with the rhythm in the middle of the game. The Shanghai team has a faster rhythm, and our strength in anti-counterfeit has not kept up.”Liu Xiaotong said.Expecting the upcoming away game, Liu Xiaotong has expectations for the team, “I hope everyone can control their emotions in a rush of drama.””