The sound of the stone machine stopped abruptly,The stone was cut into several holes,But the gray stone section,Nothing at all。
Whether it is the master of calcite,Still onlookers,Can’t help shaking his head:“collapsed,No need to cut。”
The stone-cutting master saw Liu Lihong’s face like ashes,Can’t help but suggest:“Do you want to cut it through the middle??There may be hope。”
This must be agreed by the buyer,otherwise,Cut in the middle,If the jade is broken,Then there will be contradictions。
Liu Lihong nodded:“it is good,Then cut in the middle。”
This is his last hope,As long as there is a trace,He still doesn’t want to give up。
Machine restarted,There was another harsh sound,The stone is cut in the middle。The result is not satisfactory,The cut surface is still stone,Can’t see any emerald shadow。
this time,Liu Lihong completely gave up,The whole person collapsed,Spread on the ground。
Old man Wang is still soft-hearted,Go up and pull him:“I persuaded you,Don’t bet,Make some money,Adjust the status,You are in a dangerous state,do you know?go,Have some tea with me over there。”
There is a buyer coming in together,Sighed:“Half a million is gone。”
Yes!This wool,It cost 500,000。
Although there is no window,Can’t see the shadow of jade from the outside。But this piece of wool has pine flowers on the skin。
Anyone who has played rock gambling knows,As long as the original stone has pine flowers,Prices will inflate a lot。
in fact,Songhua is the performance of green on the stone shell,Is the reaction of the internal color of jadeite on the stone shell,of course,It is also an important basis for gambling。
“unfortunately,Such a piece of wool with pine flowers,There is nothing。”Another person sighed。
Songhua also has many manifestations,The banded pine flower mentioned by this man just now is one of them。