What you think in your heart is one thing,But Collins McKenney knew that,This opportunity is the best opportunity I have encountered in half my life,Lost this opportunity,When will you meet next chance、Can you even meet,This is hard to say。
As long as there is still a chance for cooperation,What’s the matter of being angry for a while?
“Although this project does not make much money in a year,But for Rolls-Royce, as long as they provide some technical support at almost no cost,I’ll be able to lie down and divide money later,I don’t believe Rolls-Royce will not be interested,”Chen Geng finished,Looking at Collins McKenney:“As for you,Mr. McKenney,If Rolls-Royce is interested in this cooperation,And you are willing to be the chief engineer and chief designer of this project,You can still be a partner in this project。”
of course,The shareholding ratio can be discussed and discussed。
Chen Geng didn’t say this,But Collins McKenney knew it well,Facing Chen Geng’s attitude,Collins McKenney nodded without hesitation:“Good sir,If Rolls-Royce agrees,Of course I have no objection。”
Paused,Collins McKenney asked carefully:“But what if Rolls-Royce is not interested in this project?”
Chen Geng didn’t explain much,Just said one sentence:“They will be interested。”
Although only one sentence,I heard Chen Geng’s words,Collins McKenney breathed a long sigh of relief。
“Jazz,I have a project here I want to work with Rolls-Royce,If this project can be,At least one year can contribute tens of millions of dollars in profits to Rolls-Royce,Would you like to listen?”
I heard Chen Geng said that there can be tens of millions of dollars in profit sharing a year,Sir Ralph Robbins is certainly interested,He asked immediately:“Oh?What item?”
“We are going to make a universal core machine,Based on this core engine, two series of turboshaft and turboprop have been developed、Output power at100Horsepower to300Aero engine between horsepower,Ok,At the same time, we must make a series based on this core machineapuAviation auxiliary power system。”
Listening to Chen Geng saying that they are going to make a100Horsepower to300Horsepower turboshaft and turboprop engine,Ralph Robbins is actually not interested,Because as a giant in the world’s aviation engine field,Ralph Robbins knows why the aero engines in this power range are monopolized by piston aero engines.,Instead of turboshaft engine,Because in this dynamic range,Piston aviation engines have huge、Unparalleled cost advantages for turbines:The same motivation,The price of a piston-type aircraft engine is only a turboshaft/A fraction or even a tenth of a turboprop engine,It’s you,How do you choose?
Be straightforward,Purchase cost saved by two engines,Enough for the owner to add a few years of oil。
But I heard Chen Geng said that a series based on this core machine is neededapuAuxiliary power system,He finally raised a little interest:apuThe price of auxiliary power is not low。
But Ralph Robbins did not show the first timetableapuAlthough he will retire next year,I’m going to work for Chen Geng’s company after retirement,but now,He is still the chairman of Rolls-Royce but said to Chen Geng:“Mr. Fernandez,We’re friends,But business is business,So frankly,We have little interest in aero engines in this power range,”
Not waiting for Chen Geng to ask,He actively explained:“Well……You know,Users who use this motivation,Are customers who are very price sensitive,They can’t use expensive turbine engines。”
“of course,I understand what you mean,Jazz,”Chen Gengxian expressed his agreement with Ralph Robbins’ words,Then immediately,His tone changed,Said:“But you also know,Huaxia’s production cost is very low,Both the cost of building the factory and the labor cost are very low,and so,If I guarantee the price of turboshaft engines and turboprop engines with the same power level,Not higher than piston aeroengine30%What?”