Xia Jian dressed up,I took a look at my phone,The call was from my mother, Sun Yuejuan。Xia Jian quickly connected,Ask carefully and quietly:“What’s the matter mom?”
“You bastard,Those who celebrate the New Year are not going home?”Sun Yuejuan’s tone is harsh。
Xia Jian said quietly:“Be right back,Home in five minutes”Xia Jian finished,Hung up the phone。Ma Yan on the bed turned over,Seems to be asleep again。
This girl is really a big heart,As if there is nothing wrong。But Xia Jian always felt that this was wrong,Ma Yan is still a big girl after all。Just when he was wearing clothes,Saw what was left under the bed。
Anyway, things are like this,It’s no use thinking more。Xia Jian bent down,Picked up all Ma Yan’s clothes on the ground,Lost all on her bed,Then he turned around and opened the door,Tiptoe outside。
The street lights are still on in the yard,Just the door of the upper room,Still closed。Six o’clock,It’s still dark。When Xia Jian walked into the yard,Find the cold wind whoosh,Seems to be mixed with snow particles。
Open the courtyard door gently,Xia Jian almost ran back home。at this time,People who get up early start setting off salutes or firecrackers。Put this home,Then,Feel the echo。Thus,The whole village moved。
Intermittent salute,Sure to ring till dawn。This is the practice in previous years,Xia Jian as a rural person,I can’t be clear about this。
He just stepped into the courtyard gate,When I was about to slip back to my room to catch up,The old lady has shouted loudly in the upper room:“You come in for me!”
Xia Jian rushed into the upper room in two steps。The TV is turned on,I don’t know which local station has started broadcasting the Spring Festival Gala。
My mother, Sun Yuejuan, sitting on the kang watching TV with a serious face,And Dad Xia Zecheng is sitting in front of the fire,Stewed a pot of tea。He drinks,While watching Xia Jian。
“What’s the matter mom?It’s still early,I want to sleep a little longer”Xia Jian said with a smiley face。