In order to effectively protect the quality of agricultural products after flood disasters, on October 12, the provincial agricultural rural residential department issued "Notice on Solidning Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products during Disaster Recovery Production" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), requiring disposal The disaster is unqualified, actively grasps the post-disaster production control, strengthens the special rectification of agricultural product quality and safety.

The "Notice" requires that due to flooding, extreme harsh weather, it may lead to some agricultural products to be listed in advance, concentrate on the market, and increase supervision inspections, and urge agricultural products production enterprises, cooperatives and family farms to carry out self-examination and entrustment testing. Give full play to the county-level agricultural product quality inspection agency, township supervision station role, providing testing services for small and medium-sized producers such as surrounding family farms, farmers. It is necessary to destroy the fruit and other crops that are subject to polluting qualified standards. Quickly remove animal bodies, salvage, deadstock and poultry and aquatic animals that were killed in the flooded lives, and harmless treatment.

Strictly prevent unqualified agricultural products listing sales, flowing to the table. All localities must organize professional and technical personnel such as plant protection, farming, and disease prevention and control. In-depth first-line supervision of the main science of the production and operation of agricultural product production and operation, the elimination of the sub-livestock and poultry, destroying the filament and feed raw materials, destroying the filament and feed raw materials, the elimination of the treatment of severe and physical weakness and the weakness of the body. Entry to use mildew corn processing feed.

The agricultural rural departments at all levels should increase the promotion of consolidated agricultural products to meet the qualification certificate, encourage the introduction of the cultivation of the agricultural product quality and safety traceability system, and take the "Certificate + Tracecable Code" to issue a consolidated agricultural product certificate certificate.

At the same time, seriously investigate the affected grassroots regulatory monitoring institutions, especially the inspection and testing facilities of the township agricultural product quality and safety supervision station, which causes the inspection equipment to be damaged by flooding, detection reagent fail, timelyly compound inspection and testing reagents, equipment, recovery as soon as possible Improve supervision monitoring capabilities.

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