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That year Kangxi is nine years old,It is true that he doesn’t matter to him.,It is necessary for Kangxi and the Man.……

Chapter 447 Capital Small Guizi is also helpless,Because someone always adds chaos at a critical moment,Let him not pull too much sympathy for small mysteries。 Good in Qiao Feng really wants to take out worship——From the perspective of Song people,Do not die,I have to see it。 Exactly“The Loncenda’s Longevity”,More beneficial to Song Ting,Still one“Most small […]


See Gao Wei,Dare not say much,Waved his hand,With Lu Monkey, disappeared without a trace for a few moments。Shocked Xia Jian,When I was about to say hello to Sister Wang,I saw that she didn’t seem to see Xia Jian,Turn around,With a cold wind,Step on steady steps,Also gone。

Xia Jian chasing out the door,A look of surprise,Li Na standing in the aisle gently pulled Xia Jian and said:“never mind,Let’s go!Have a good drink with sister“ In Li Na’s room,Flashing the same light as in the private room,On a coffee table that is not very big,A variety of wines,Two single sofas,Opposite,Xia Jian and Li […]


But didn’t wait for him,I found a very serious problem.,Han family began to produce a new cold medicine,That is the same type with his pharmaceutical。

Even supply channels,Han actually contacts the supply channel to buy。 Thus,Let him have to temporarily buy the idea of the acquisition of Xujia。 Although he has already given a price,That price is low,But it is not the ideal price in his mind.。 According to the truth, it should be lower.。 Think here,Li Kai Fu also […]


Even so,With Wright’s several attacks,Desi Li’s face is getting paler,Every time I was swept by Wright’s attack,Recover later,It’s all a severe torture,And his magic,Almost exhausted in several self-healing。

However, Wright did not succeed in killing Desli,When Desli was attacked by him for the fifth time,Five threads of light gathered to stop his spear。 “boom~”With the violent collision,Five‘Light’Crushed by a shot,But the power of Wright’s gun has also been removed.。The aftermath of the forces produced by the two even boiled the flowing water within […]


“Did I not make it clear enough??”The doctor squinted at her,“You young people,I don’t know to protect myself when I’m passionate,After that, I still have to take responsibility,look at you,Boyfriend didn’t come with you,Ugh,Are you interesting?Say it again,Baby in your belly now,You must take good care of your body to keep it,If it sheds,According to your womb,Want to get pregnant later,There should be no chance,Speak more clearly,Not incapable of conception,Is pregnant,Understand?”

“Ok,Thank you,I understand。”Xia Shuyue wants to cry,Eyes red,Still endure the tears。 HoldBSitting in the corridor,Watch and watch,It’s not fake,Is actually true! I have a huge burden in my stomach!I’m not married yet!And have broken up with Zhao Luo! If this child is born,It’s Zhao Luo’s child! If it sheds,I don’t have the right to be […]


Chen Xiu saw that their masters and apprentices insisted,Had to say:“it is good,Pathfinder ahead of me!”

Chen Xiu before,The Queen of Zhang Yuantu,The Lin family is in the middle,Four people sneaked into the villa quietly.,Showing across a lawn、And then pass by a swimming pool,Everything is fine。 “Let’s take a look at the villa,Ready guy!”Zhang Yuantu whispered。 “Yes!” The Lin family directly held a water gun filled with black dog blood in […]


First1916chapter Ask questions

The rain is coming。Xia Jianyi walked into Chen Jiang’s office,I feel the atmosphere is wrong。 Fortunately, Feng Xiaowei walked over,Smiled and asked Chen Jiang:“Mayor Chen!I am busy with you,Really sorry”Feng Xiaowei’s words are very official。 I saw Chen Jiang smile and say:“sit down!”Then he grabbed the phone,Called the secretary,Let the secretary make tea for these […]


“President Xia,In Nanyuan, I suggest recruiting some professional guides,More and more people are traveling now,But everyone knows very little about our scenic spots,So I think this area should be strengthened“Dragon Ball suddenly asked such a question,Originally discussed about the annual meeting,I didn’t expect this dragon ball would also find time。

Xia Jian nodded,To Wang Lin:“Governor Wang will take care of this,After coming down,Perform their duties,We must run this annual meeting well。I’ll go to Pingdu in a while,I will attend a CPPCC meeting tomorrow morning“ ———— First0496chapter Hurry home People are not as good as heaven,Xia Jian plans to go to Pingdu with Fang Fang in […]


He looks at the lake,Have a drink,Spicy Erguotou entrance,A warm thorax,Immediately absorbed by the body,Increased the amount of free fire in the body。

This time in the abyss space,Occasionally he will take a sip,Already naturally convert alcohol into fire energy,It feels similar to absorbing fire oil into the body,Equivalent to one-off,It’s gone。 Can’t compare to natural practice, Lihuo technique, and the accumulation of fire energy is pure、durable。 But it can be used as a quick way to replenish […]


Hu Huiru left,Xu Lihong walked in with a gloomy face,She glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“Your boss is too arrogant”

“That’s not,Eyes grow on top of the head,Normal people are not in her eyes”Wang Youcai said with a long breath。 Xu Lihong snorted coldly:“What’s the cowhide,No matter how the cowhide is still under the man’s body”When Xu Lihong said this,,Can’t help but laugh out loud。 Wang Youcai glanced at Xu Lihong,Don’t understand why she thinks […]