Strong leadership cores and scientific theoretical guidance is the fundamental issue of the success or failure of party and national future, party and people’s career.

The Party’s 19th National Plenary Session adopted a resolution of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China, pointed out: "The Party establishes the core of Xi Jinping, the core of the party, the core status of the whole party, establishes Chinese characteristics of Xi Jinping’s new era. The guidance of socialist thinking reflects the common wishes of all ethnic groups in the whole party, and has the development of the new era of the party and national career, which has a decisive significance for promoting the great revival history of the Chinese nation.

"We believe in" two establishment ", reflecting the will of the party, reflecting the people’s voice, is the most important political achievement since the party’s 18th National Congress, the most important historical experience and the most conclusion, is a call, history Choose, the people are all.

The Party Central Committee has a core, the whole party has a core, and the party has power.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Party, General Secretary Xi Jinping has taken advantage of the great political courage. Realize the full Kangkang Millennium Dream, from the comprehensive deeper reform "hard bone" to the four-way pillar of the national system and the national governance system, from the protection and promotion of social fairness and justice to constantly improve the socialist rule of law of Chinese characteristics, "four The wind is fundamentally reversed to the party to the party, from the establishment of a strong military goal to achieve the overall revolutionary reshaping from the people’s army, from maintenance of the national security to promote the major turning of Hong Kong’s situation, from the proposed "" A belt all the way "Initiative to promote the construction of human fate community, etc. The party’s core, people leader, and military commander. Have Xi Jinping General Secretary, the rudder, the whole party has the discruit star, the people of the whole country have the main bone, China "Revival" huge round can be stabilized, and the shower is to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The Great Historical Times summoned ideological theory and innovation, and has a strong practice of fertile scientific theoretical system.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party, General Secretary Xi Jinping inspects the times of the times, grasping the Time Waffles, leading the trend of the times, with extraordinary theoretical courage, profound strategic thinking, scientific practice, adhere to the basic principle of Marxism with China Combine with the excellent traditional culture of China, proposing a new series of new ideas for the new ideas of governing the country, founded the socialist thinking of Xi Jinping’s new era. This important thinking is the contemporary China Marxism, the 21st century Marxism, is the essence of the era of Chinese culture and the Chinese spirit, achieving the new leap in China’s new China’s new China, providing action guidelines for the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. follow. The new era, we have embarked on the new test of the new test of the second hundred years of struggle, must be firmly unwavering "two establishment" truly transformation into resolutely "two maintenance" ideas, political consciousness , Consciously. Adhere to clear politics as the first guidelines, strengthen political experience, keep in mind the "big people", continuously improve political judgment, political understanding, political implementation, always in political position, political direction, political principles, political roads Comrade Xi Jinping maintains a high degree of highness. Adhere to the first standard, constantly enhance the core, maintain the core, follow the core, defend the consciousness and firmness of the core, at any time, in any case, in any case, in any case, in any case, the command command from General Secretary Xi Jinping, Don’t shake, I will resolutely safeguard the party central authority and centralized unified leadership of Comrade Xi Jinping as the core.

Adhere to the first task of hunger ease of hunger, continue in understanding to understand the truth, fully systematically, timely and advanced students, in-depth thinking, contact the actual learning, accurate understanding of the core of China’s characteristic socialist thinking , Spiritual essence, rich connotation, practice requirement, and strive to master the idea method of Marxist positions, and the principle of learning. Adhere to the implementation of the first request, to carry out any job, consciously consciously and the party’s basic theory, basic route, basic side to mark the table, to promote the resolute response of the Party Central Committee, Decisive Decision, Party Central Committee The prohibition is not done, and it is not worthy of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the implementation of the party’s major decision-making deployment.

Source: "Study Times" (Editor: Zhang Cheng pays: Zhang Cheng pays: Zhong Ming).