■ Our reporter Yu Taoran my country’s 3-11-year-old child is vacanling new crown vaccine, many parents have a question: children vaccinated the new championship dose is the same as adults, is there potential risks? Is local pain, fever, or otherwise adverse reactions related to vaccine dose? To this end, the reporter interviewed Huang Zhuoying, deputy director of the immunization plan of the Shanghai CDC. Huang Zhuoti said that Shanghai is divided into new crown vaccines in children aged 3-11, first vaccinated children aged 6-11, and then inoculated with children aged 3-5, and the current inoculation work is stable.

Whether it is a new crown vaccine developed by China Pharmaceutical Group or a vaccine developed by Kecheng Zhongwei, children’s vaccination dose is the same as adults.

Not only that, the new crown vaccine of children, adolescents and adults is also the same as the production process, dosage form, and immune procedures.

Why do children do less in many drugs in many drugs, and there is no difference in the dose of new crown vaccines? Huang Zhuoli explained that the vaccine did not directly metabolize after the vaccine entered the body, but the immune system was subjected to antigen delivery, and the immune cell recognition produced a protective antibody, and some vaccines also caused the human body to produce cellular immunity. Immunization.

In this way, the human body has an immunity against the disease. Once the new crown virus invades the human body, the antibody produced by the vaccine, the cytokine-free cytokine can identify, neutralize or kill viruses, and immune memory will quickly mobilize the immune system, so that the virus cannot continue to proliferate in the body. The purpose of preventing diseases.

Scientific research shows that the immune system of children over 3 years old has basically perfect and close to adults. On the other hand, the new crown of Chinese medicine group China’s China’s biological and Cuixing creature is in the clinical research stage, and the safety and effectiveness of children over three years old have been done.

This means that the dose of the vaccination of children not only has scientific basis, but also the support of clinical trial data.

Therefore, the vaccine in which children inoculation is not born with adults in terms of production process, dosage form, and immune procedures. As an example, the clinical trial of China Pharmaceutical Group was launched, and the two-needle and three-needle vaccination research on the 3-17-year-old population were launched.

The company also launched the safety and immunogenic system of vaccinated new crown vaccines in the United Arab Emirates. Not only new crown vaccines, but also many vaccines have no children and adults in vaccination doses. For example, polio, mega mumps, combined with attenuated vaccines, people rabies vaccine, etc., children’s injection is the same as adults; such as HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccine, the vaccination dose of the 9-45-year-old population is also the same. It can be seen that the dose of the child vaccination of new crown vaccines is the same as adults, and there is no potential risk.

Immunoassay experts reminded that after child vaccination, parents should pay attention to their health, avoid vigorous exercise, and do psychological counseling, because children may have a heart due to the increase in cognitiveness.

If there is a suspected vaccination abnormal reaction, parents should report in time.

If the vaccine is overlapped with the vaccination of other immunity, it is recommended that the new crown vaccine is more than 14 days, but if the animal is injured or trauma, the rabies vaccine is needed, and the wind vaccine is required. When immunoglobulin, the time interval can be considered. (Source: Liberation Daily) (Responsible: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Share more people to see.