Korean Xiang thought silently,I seem to be stronger this time beyond imagination!Deliberately omitted Xiang Chen’s shadow from his mind,Han Yuxiang attributed all the credit to himself。
Liaoyuan suddenly laughed“I was almost fooled by you!”
Laughed out loud,To get fate, first smash the bowl of alms to Xiang Chen,Then he took out a scripture from his arms and stabbed Han Yuxiang。
Xiang Chen didn’t expect a sharp blade to pop up in Yuan’s scripture,I never thought that the bowl that Yuan threw out was still filled with gasoline。
Smell the pungent smell,Xiang Chen appreciates this plan of two birds with one stone and two birds with one stone.。
Press down,Left a mark almost one centimeter deep on the flat brick floor,Xiang Chen who was stopped for a moment,The speed at which the whole person exploded to Yuan was more than twice as fast。
Everything is in the fate’s plan,Whether it’s his own attack route or Xiang Chen’s blocking route,There is no man in this world who will give up his female companion in danger,This argument may not work well in the world,But the hit rate in China will be very high!
Open your mouth,There is an open flame shooting from his mouth,Spray directly to Xiangchen。
Xiang Chen was a little surprised,You can still see such ancient skills in this age,But marvel and marvel,I haven’t lost the effort,Slapped Yuan’s chin directly with a palm,It didn’t take long for the flames to exit and was forcibly extinguished by Xiang Chen。
I can feel it,After Xiang Chen’s palm,It’s not just temperature,And own teeth。
In a flash,The part below the nose has lost consciousness,But he still insisted on stab the sharp blade in his hand at Han Yuxiang。
“I said,Before you hurt her,I will kill you!”
Xiang Chen’s tone is still confident,The flame on the arm has not had time to extinguish,But Yuan’s arm, don’t even want to meet Korean Xiang again in this life。
Watching my half arm falling to the ground,That piercing pain has not yet spread to his brain,Xiang Chen knocked him out。
After all the work is done, I can control the flame on my arm,At this time, Xiang Chen’s arm has a faint smell of meat。
“Xiang Chen?”
Han Yuxiang called out uncertainly,After getting Xiang Chen’s calm recovery,The hanging heart is also let go。
“Don’t open your eyes yet,Leave the people here to Yan Jun!”