“Nothing,Which two people last night,I think one of them is familiar,So I went to find Zhao Longlong,I didn’t expect to talk about a business for you。So we say,Knowing misfortune“Xia Jian laughed。
Xiao Xiao sighed and said:“You!Never take your own safety as the same thing,Something like that happened last night,You should have a good rest at home。Run out of the cloud to talk about business?”
“Zhao Longlong asked me to sell his Longquan Villa,Do you think this is a good business?”Xia Jian asked with a smile。
Xiao Xiaoyi listened,Asked a little surprised:“what did you say?Longquan Villa for sale?Zhao Longlong is over,Such a nice person He also keeps the industry Can’t help”
“Since it’s good!The venture group raises some money to buy it”Xia Jian whispered。
Xiao Xiao smiled and said:“Zhao Longlong and I have never been at peace,Now take the opportunity to buy his Longquan Villa,He would think I took advantage of the fire, This will make him even more hate me”
“Let other people in the group talk to him,And bought it with the company under the name of Guo Meili,This must be done without knowing it,Not only did Zhao Longlong not know that the buyer was you,Even other people in Bucheon don’t know”Xia Jian smiled slightly,Gave Xiao Xiao a very good idea。
Xiao Xiao nodded and said:“it is good!I immediately asked Guo Meili to send someone to find Yuelonglong”
Xiao Xiao’s voice just fell,Xia Jian’s phone rang,Xia Jian took out his phone and took a look,He Jie called,He quickly connected:“What’s wrong, Mayor He?Is there something?“
“Mayor Xia!I wanted not to disturb you,But there is something I can’t help but say”Tong Jie on the phone said anxiously。
Xia Jian asked quickly:“What happened?You quickly say”
“Xiao Wei revealed the news to me today,Said that the municipal party committee asked Secretary Lu to visit,It seems to be related to the election of the head of Xiping Village,He doesn’t know the specific situation,What do you say about this?“I can hear that Tong Jie is very upset about this,Or she wouldn’t call Xia Jian at this time。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:”They obviously knew that I was on vacation,So anxious。You have to cut the mess quickly,How about this!I’m leaving now to rush back。You come to the city at night,Let’s discuss it carefully,But the news from me,You can’t tell anyone“
”Okay Mayor Xia!“Tong Jie hung up after speaking。
Xiao Xiao heard that Xia Jian wanted to go back immediately,She said coldly:”You seem to be determined,Have to fuck your mayor,Then I don’t need to say more,Uncle and aunt here,Don’t worry“
”Thanks for understanding!I’ll leave after dinner“Xia Jianchang took a sigh of relief,Said to Xiao Xiao with a smirk。Xiao Xiao does not have Li Xia Jian,Turned around and entered the courtyard,I can see that she is very angry。