In case his money is just right.?”
Wulai’s one,Directly ask some people around you.。
“Then what do you say??”
“what to do?
Continue tonight,I don’t believe he is not anxious.,More than 100 acres,I can see that we can see a ghost at night.,I believe that I haven’t used it for a few days.,This kid will definitely recruit people to help,I will apply again.,Think about the days without working, there is money.,Click one’s tongue”“it is good,Then we continue tonight。”
“Correct,We continue tonight。”
Several people around Wu came directly agreed with Wu Lu’s opinion,Discuss some people go home to sleep,Prepare to continue to make destruction at night。
Li Hui Feng does not know these things,But he has also prepared it tonight in that hundreds of acres.,By the way, he still wants to try the effect of Xianquan.,Look at the fruit trees watered in Xianquan.。
Just think of the powerful effect of Xianquan,Li Hui’s feeling still wants to dilute it better。
soon,He opened his hand to pull the tube and pulled the water pipe to the river.,Then the water pipe is one-section,Directly。
But soon, he found that it is too powerful.,If you can play a few portions in this 100 acres of land,So, the problem of pouring is completely solved.。
I saw that Li Hui Feng put the water pipe to the ground.,Qin Su Ya is also quick to help。
She also went home to change a more ordinary clothes again.。
Qin Su Ya originally thought that some beautiful some will give Li Hui’s surprise,But Li Hui is not to praise her half of her sentence.,Plus all people in the village are working here.,I don’t look at it on the floor.。
When it’s even going back to change the clothes, I also help the tree pit.。
Just when she digs,Several cars that are not far from her always like to talk to her.,When you talk, the eyes are still constantly watching her neckline.,This makes her angry。
But the end of the year is swallowed,She can only deduct the top of the neck to the top and then dig the tree pit.。
For this dress of Qin Su Ya,Li Hui is also a glimpse。
“Little Ya,How do you change your clothes??
Why is it so beautiful in the morning??”
“The amount is not convenient to work,I will go back and change it.。”
What to do?”
Li Hui Feng looked at the Qin Su Ya soon understood what happened.。
“Little Ya,Not told you,Do you only need to help me account??
Why do you still dig a tree pit??”
I immediately grabbed Qin Su Yayani fiber jade hand.,Then I saw a few blisters on the palm of the jade hand.,One of them has grown。
Looking at Li Hui’s concern,Qin Su Jah suddenly felt a warm flow in the heart of the field。
I still dare to live so heavy in the future.?”
I looked at Li Hui’s blame.,Qin Su Ya is like a child who made mistakes.,Low head shakes the head。
“breeze,I am fine.。”
Say,She still quickly took her back.。
Because he has seen a few people who have seen the style of Li Hui Feng grabbed her hand.,At the same time, I saw the appearance of those people in whispering.,I know that those people will definitely say that she follows Li Hui’s words.。