On August 5th, the first game of the 16th round of the Tournament in the 2021 season was launched between the Zhejiang team and Nantong Fu. In the first half, Mu Xikui’s penalty helped the Zhejiang team to open a record, and then the two sides had an attack and defensive, the second half is about to enter the injury stop, and the Nantong team’s foreign aid Chagas took the lead in the restricted area.

Finally, with this final football, the two teams held a manual spending more than 1 to 1, and the Zhejiang team regretted with his own league five losses. Before this game, the Zhejiang team has harvested four consecutive victories. Among them, there is a big victory of 5 to 0 Shengbei science and industry and 3 to 0. But in the face of Nantong, the first game of the two teams, the Zhejiang team is just a victory with Frank’s goals.

  This time, the Zhejiang team arranged the last time Frank alternative Matthews, and Sun Zhenghao and Zhong Haoran also continued to start. After the opening, the two sides did not have too much test mode played the attack. Whether it is for the competition of the midfield or fight against the fight, both parties are not allowed to make each other. In the third half of the first half, the Zhejiang team steals the rapid counterattack, Cheng Jin got rid of the back of the opposite side of the defender, and Mu Xikui kills the penalty area by Nantongmen to Shi Xiaodong, the referee decisively sentenced the penalty. Dagui is a leader for the Zhejiang team.

  After that, the two sides entered the knot, and the Nantong team restricted the attack of the Zhejiang team with no mental running, and the scene was controlled by Nantong team, but the ability to grasp the opportunity in front of the door is slightly lacking. The Zhejiang team also tried to change the rhythm by replacement, but the effect is not satisfactory. The first two games frequently manufactured the threat of threats, and after the first half, I won’t get too much ball right, I can’t make a threat in local manufacturing.

  The game entered the regular time in the 90th minute, Nantong finally grasped an opportunity to counterattack and slammed the score by Chagaras.

This result is also maintained at the final, and the Zhejiang team’s winning record is ended in four. It is worth mentioning that the Zhejiang team in the 2018 season has also been finalized by Nantong’s four consecutive victories. This time they played the "blocking road" of the Zhejiang team. After the game lost 2 points, the rankings of the Zhejiang team will be determined to be determined by the rankings of the Zhejiang team. (Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.