Original title: Blue Fandan emphasized the development of advantageous forging longboard emancipation in the province for forging, and promoted high-quality development in all-in-one in the afternoon of the October 25th. Comrade Blue Fanda came to the second party representative of the Provincial Party Congress to discuss the report of the Party Congress with the representatives.

  The delegates of the Jinzhong delegation enthusiasticly spoke, and the atmosphere of the venue was very enthusiastic. Wu Junqing, Changshun Ming, Zhang Xiufeng, Chang Haibao, Pan Haiyan, Feng Xiaolei, Cui Xuebo, Yang Wei and other representatives have spoke.

Everyone agreed that Lin Wu comrade represents the report made by the 11th Provincial Party Committee, unconventional, intensity, profoundness, rich in connotation, implement the spirit of the central government, in line with the actual situation of Shanxi, and reflect the people’s willingness, is a cohesive force , A good report that urges people. The representatives combined with their respective work, comment and recommendations from support Jinzhong Zhi Chuang Valley construction, central urban aggressive integration, new energy vehicle manufacturing and other aspects. In the discussion, Lin Wu comrade represents the report of the 11th Provincial Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, through which the Chinese characteristic socialist thinking and Xi Jinping, General Secretary of Xi Jinping, the important instruction spirit of Shanxi’s important speech, comprehensively summed up the past five The main achievements of the year and the valuable experience of "six must", comprehensive planning and deployment of the next five years of development, which is a program that promotes high quality development and accelerating the transformation of the new road in the current and future period. Sexual literature.

I fully agree with this report.

  Blue Fandan said, we must unify our thoughts and actions to the decision-making deployment of the 12th Party Congress of the province, bite the transformation goal, seize the opportunity, and give full play to the comparative advantage, the future advantage, location advantage, and focus on the economy Long board, emancipating thought, long time, perfect mechanism, pay close attention to implementation of high quality development in all directions. First, build a first-class innovative ecology, stimulate the innovation of the whole society. Promote system innovation and policy creation, deepen the reform of the scientific and technological management system, to make the researchers loose weight loss, build an innovative platform, optimize the talent environment, and promote the organic combination of industrial research, and give full play to the role of enterprise innovation. Second, we must vigorously cultivate the market entity and accelerate the promotion of industrial transformation.

Implement the market entity multiplication project, greatly relax market access, and promote the healthy growth of individual industrial and commercial households and small enterprises.

Upgrade with digital empowering traditional industries, increase the independent cultivation of emerging industries, support head enterprises to drive small and medium-sized enterprises chain development, promote the development of "excellent" development of agriculture, speed up service industry file upgrade, deep excavation Wen Travel, the potential of the intensive industry. The third should continue to deepen the reform and opening up, and continue to optimize the business environment.

Drawing on promoting the experience of reform and innovation in the trade area, encourages stimulation, protects the first creation of inclusive grassroots, continuously promoting systemic openness, continuously breaking the system’s barriers, promoting the "commitment system + standard land + full-age" and other reforms, start "three no" "Three can" business environmental brands.

Deepen the comprehensive reform of energy revolution, state-owned state-owned enterprises, local finance, and development zones, "three systems and three systems", guide the development of private enterprises. I must strengthen the construction of ecological civilization and plant green development.

In order to implement Carbon Damu Shanxi, strict implementation of "two-control", resolutely curb the "two high" project blindly develop, promote the "two mountains and seven rivers, one waters" ecological restoration management, and deepen the pollution prevention and control. The five must practice the development of the people and continue to enhance the well-being of people’s livelihood.

Strengthen the construction of the Puhetic fundamental pockets, do a good job of steady employment, do everything possible to improve the income of urban and rural residents, build a fair quality education system, and promote the construction of healthy Shanxi, and improve the multi-level social security system. Sixth should comprehensively strengthen risk prevention and control to ensure the social overall situation is stable. The overall national security concept of tree, coordinates the prevention and control of normalized epidemic prevention, safety production, and the construction of Shanxi Shanxi. Seven must resolutely pick up the subject responsibility, and in-depth advances are strictly governing the party. Taking political construction as a leading, promoting comprehensive from stricting party has achieved new achievements, leading the protection of all work to achieve new results. Blue Buddha is fully affirmed by Jinzhong City in recent years.

He said that Jinzhong City must learn to implement the spirit of the 12th Party Congress, anchoring the goal, grasp the opportunity, in promoting industrial transformation, optimizing innovative ecology, promoting central urban agglomeration, and promotes business environment, guarantee And improve people’s livelihood and other aspects, strive to go in the forefront of high quality development in all directions.

(Reporter Zhang Jufeng).