Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, November 7, Hong Kong SAR Government Financial Secretary Chen Maohu said on the 7th that the financial deficit of Hong Kong is expected to be much lower than the early days.

Chen Maohu published a private message. Since the beginning of this year, Hong Kong has benefited from exports and epidemic, and the economy gradually improved. This is a space for the SAR government income. Chen Maobo said that the high-priced high-priced high price in some urban areas is sold, the market is biased toward the predecessor, and the developer is more actively supplemented to development, and the relevant income has reached a historic high, and the HK $ 40 billion in October.

In addition, in the first half of the year, the stock market is smooth, the stock market is also higher than expected. Chen Maohu said that in the past two years, the SAR Government has adopted a very strong inverse cycle measures to mitigate the pressure on the economy and enterprises.

As for future resource financing and use, it is necessary to make multifaceted thinking, including let the grassroots citizens benefit more, to share economic achievements, promote the direction of "common prosperity", and promote the Hong Kong economy is stronger, more Comprehensive, more consolidated growth power.

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