Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 31, December 31, 2017, President Xi Jinping and Russian President Putin Mutant New Year’s Eve. Xi Jinping represents the Chinese government and the Chinese people, and sincere congratulations to President President and Russian people. Xi Jinping said that in 2017, China and Russia’s comprehensive strategic collaboration partnership has achieved new important development at a high level.

The two sides are firmly supported by the issues involving the core interests of each other. "A belt all the way" is the establishment of an important early harvest with the Eurasian Economic Alliance. The two countries’ strategic big projects have stable, innovation, agriculture, local cooperation continuous release. New kinetic energy, the media exchange year is successful, and the humanities cooperation is booming. The friendly civil opinion of the two countries is more consolidated. The two sides maintain a closely effective coordination cooperation in international and regional affairs, and have made significant contributions to maintaining world peace and stability. Xi Jinping pointed out that in the new year, I would like to continue with you to work hard, consolidate the Chinese and Russian political and strategic mutual trust, expand the Chinese and Russian level pragmatic cooperation, promote the cooperation between China and Russia International Strategies, and jointly lead the development of the relationship between the two countries to make a new fruit .

I believe that China and Russian local cooperative exchange annual activities will be held in 2018 and 2019 will have to fully expand and deepen the interaction between the two countries, so that the idea of ??Chinese and Russian agents and common revitalities are more deeply rooted. Putin’s congratulations on Xi Jinping, President Xi Jinping, and I wish all Chinese people happy and well.

Putin said that in the past year, the development of Russia-China relations has achieved new results. The bilateral trade volume is significantly increased, science and technology, culture, and humanities are exchanged, and I am satisfied with this.

Russia has carried out effective collaboration in international affairs to solve international hot problems.

The two sides actively carry out local exchanges, will hold a Russian-Chinese local cooperation in Russia to 2018.

We will work together with the Chinese side to continuously deepen the relationship between Russian-China comprehensive strategic collaboration partnership, and benefit the two people.

(Editor: Wang Jiqiao).