It is understood that the national furniture professional skill competition is the first skill competition included in the national level. It is a platform for the Beijing-Tianjin Lu Luhongwood (furniture) enterprise, and the mahogany production. Art, cultivate industry talents and improve skill levels. Since 2017, Shuihui County has successfully held four national furniture professional skills competition 涞 water divisions selection competition, and 2 of the national technical expertise, 18 national furniture industry technology experts, and 2 of Hebei Province. At the selection site, the 32-winnings from Shandong Yanggu, Tangshan, Hebei, Hebei, Hebei Province, and the selection of the selection, the skills are exciting, through superb traditional skills, put the Beijing-style mahogany production art dripping .

The production and production of 涞水 mahogany furniture has been more than 300 years. In recent years, under the vigorous support and promotion of the Shui County Party Committee and County Government, the Red Wood Furniture Industry in the Water County has achieved long-term development, the product list and influence are continuously improved, and the regional radiation power and brand communication are constantly enhanced. At present, the county is striving to promote the construction of 涞水 红木 小镇. After the completion of the Water Red Wood Town Project, it is expected to accept 300-5 million visitors, and the annual tourism income is 10-15 billion yuan, directly or indirectly add 12,000 jobs.

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