After Yang Zi broke up with her ex-boyfriend Qin Junjie, she first appeared in the airport, and the three words on her chest were bright!

On the 12th, Yang Zi and Qin Junjie broke into the Shanghai Airport after breaking up.

In the photo, Yang Zi dyed the black mask and covered it with a black T-shirt. The street card with Zhang Yishan printed on it was not playful, and the lower body was paired with jeans and white wool slippers.In the future, her style of dressing has changed a lot.

The expression is leisurely, and it can be seen that she has not been affected by the breakup.

The appearance of the half-baked meatball head looks easy to age, and she seems to be “healthy purple” in the hand holding the thermos cup!

Yang Zi’s overall polishing is thinner than before, but the thigh is still thick.

And she also stuffed the T-shirt into her trousers, the front and rear pelvis fractured, and the meat on the thigh was revealed.

For pear-shaped figure, the choice of wearing wide-leg pants or a short A-line skirt is the best choice, and I have a deep understanding of this aspect.

But in this kind of tight pants, the girl with a pear shape can’t just touch it. It will be big next to the butt, big thigh, and make the whole person look temperamental: worse, the little fairy is still today.Wearing double UGG slippers, the tops of the hair look hot.

After all, it’s still summer, is it really good to wear?

I wanted to rely on the highlights of the lower part of the bag, but the bag was fine, but the color of the bag was smooth with the jeans.

Yang Zi likes to emulate the wear of fashionable people. Whatever she wears when she is popular, sometimes she chooses a match that is not suitable for her, but instead wears it into four!

All of them are inconsistent with her own temperament, and the contrast between the temperament of this style and the temperament of the wearer is what we call “cheesy.”

In fact, in dressing up this thing, it is good for you.

There is no need to deliberately follow the fashion in the public. Anyway, the trend changes every year. Only the one that suits you is the most fashionable.

What do you think?

Some netizens said that Yang Zixin is also big enough. The online is crazy that she changed her head to Zhang Yishan and said that they are both good.

I still dare to wear his street fashion. Is it still not big enough?