Chinese elementary school students coquettish ball control 1V3 like Chris-Paul
We often see videos of foreign children playing basketball on the Internet. These children are very skilled in dribbling and shooting, and they are very professional at a glance. People have to admire the knowledge of basic basketball skills from a young age.But the Chinese children are not weak. In a video circulating on the Internet, a primary school student is asking for something on the basketball court, just like Chris Paul exists.   A video uploaded by the basketball public account shows that a group of elementary school students are playing half-time three-on-three, and there are many watching students sitting around.I saw a player wearing a No. 3 jersey without any tension under his eyes. He drew the ball skillfully, first pretending to go up the line, and suddenly turned around and cut into the bottom line.The ball is beyond the three-point line.  At this time, the player was not in a hurry under the pursuit of the defender, dribbling the ball behind his back calmly, and then passed through the gap between the two, and finally pushed the ball up against the center’s cap. The whole action was done in one go, without any trace.There was a lot of applause from the students on the sidelines dragging the mud.  Netizens applauded the performance of this elementary school student during the killing festival. Although he wore the same jersey number as Paul, some netizens believed that the style of this little classmate was more like Drew Uncle Irwin of the Cavaliers.Some netizens sighed: It’s really a McGrady style behind the dribble + the front turn.It seems that this elementary school student has too much fandom by his strength.  In fact, it is not uncommon for Chinese elementary school students to have such excellent dribbling skills. Two years ago, a female student in her twenties was still struggling to catch the ball after being chased by a group of boys who were much higher than herself.Spread crazy on the Internet.