Zhang Junning: “Exploration in Chinatown” Qiu Ze’s powerful “killing”
On January 13th, the antique media release conference of iQiyi’s solo online drama “Exploration in Chinatown”, producer Chen Sicheng, starring Qiu Ze, Zhang Junning and others.Qiu Ze ‘s performance of Lin Mo and his previous idol dramas are very different. In Qiu Ze ‘s view, Lin Mo ‘s more difficult part is that he has many identities, he is a teacher and a detective, and he has anotherA “scavenger” profession must distinguish these three identities.When referring to the places most similar to Lin Mo, Qiu Ze said, “It should be love to eat”, and when asked about the least similar places, Qiu Ze laughed, “My IQ is not as high as Lin Mo.”The Stills of Detective in Chinatown.”The picture comes from the online drama “Exploration of Chinatown”, which is produced by Chen Sicheng, the chief screenwriter, Ke Wenli, Dai Mo, Yao Wenyi, Lai Mukuan directed by four young directors, Qiu Ze, Zhang Junning, Wang Zhen’er, Chen Zheyuan, Cheng Xiao, etc.Starring together.In the form of a unit script, three unique but indissoluble stories are presented through 12 episodes: “Dance of Mandala”, “The Name of Roses” and “Ghost Invitational”.In the play, Lin Mo and Zhang Junning, played by Qiu Ze, and Chen Yushuang both had opponents initially. When asked to evaluate Lin Mo’s “sister skills” in the play, Chen Yushuang admitted that he was filming in ThailandAt the scene, many Thai female students and male students have been fascinated by Qiu Ze, “I have no time to observe him.And Zhang Junning said that Qiu Ze “not only flirted with his sister, he even flirted with men on the scene, because he could not see himself while performing in front of the camera, we would watch him performing when he was sitting behind the camera, and every time after the shooting, people would sayShuang, why is he so handsome, so I think he is a killer.”Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Wei Tong Na proofreading Wei Zhuo