I found out that Lin Yoona was having a nightmare,Dense beads of sweat ooze on the forehead,Keep shouting:“dad,Don’t,do not go,Don’t!”Lin Yuner opened her eyes and saw Xiao Fan in front of her。
I immediately hugged Xiao Fan,Crying aggrieved in his arms,Choked:“Xiao Fan,Woo woo……I dreamed,Dad was killed,I’m going to lose him,Woo woo……I am really scared,Isn’t Dad good”
Xiao Fan gently patted Lin Yun’er on the back, Soothing,Speak softly:“Dad is fine,Yoona, don’t worry,Everything is fine,We can see dad when we go home,Stop crying?Just a dream,not real。”
Lin Yoona nodded gently,Xiao Fan raised Lin Yuner’s head,Gently wipe the tears off her face,Rubbed her hair,said laughingly:“Get up and clean up,Shall we go home?”
Heard to go home,Lin Yoona slowly came over,Got out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash。
Xiao Fan looked at her back,Smiled favorably,I thought that fortunately I saved Lin Feng,otherwise……If you don’t then you will be unimaginable。
After Lin Yuna cleans up,,Xiao Fan took her luggage,Ready to leave base,Lin Yuner said she wanted to be humane with her,Xiao Fan also said yes。
Xiao Fan called Yiming,Let them all go to the hall,Lin Yuner wants to say goodbye to them。
Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner got downstairs,Those people have stood neatly in a row,Say in unison:“Hi boss,Hello madam。”
Lin Yoona was a little embarrassed to be called,Blushing,But anyhow, it’s everybody’s lady,She immediately showed a decent smile,Beckon everyone。
“Thank you for your care and company for these two days,You guys are so kind to me,I can’t bear to leave。”Lin Yoona said with a smile,Those people smiled too。
Xiao Fan spoke from the side:“When do you want to come,We can come here anytime,Let them play with you。”Lin Yoona nodded。
The two left the base under everyone’s eyes,Lin Yoona sighed heavily as soon as she got in the car,Xiao Fan turned his head to look at her,Ask her what’s wrong,Lin Yoona said nothing,I just think it’s pretty good here,Xiao Fan nodded。
Xiao Fan thought he could remodel this place in the future,He and Lin Yoona can live here。Lin Yuna thought that I could see Lin Feng,I can’t help but relax。
It’s just that Xiao Fan is still trying to tell Lin Yuner about Lin Feng’s critical illness yesterday,Although Lin Feng is fine now,But he was afraid Lin Yuner would blame him for not taking care of Lin Feng。
Chapter Four Hundred and Four Lin Feng wakes up
After thinking about it, Xiao Fan still said:“Yoona,I want to tell you something,About dad。”Xiao Fan turned to observe Lin Yuner’s expression。
Although it is difficult,But in the end Xiao Fan decided to tell Lin Yoona about this。