“Hard work brothers。”Zhu Yi pays。
“found it。”Er Mao walked over with a huge linen pocket in his hand。
“Go and put her in a linen pocket,Throw into the river to feed the fish later。”Wang San whispered to Er Mao。
“This pocket is big enough,There is no problem in pretending to be a living person。”Er Mao shook his pocket,Wang San reached out and touched it,Whisper,“Is the photo taken??”
Er Mao nodded,Went to the warehouse,Followed by,Xia Shuyue screamed,“What do you want to do,Help。”
“Save your energy,Wait a while to go to the river god to complain。”Ermao said with a smile。
Zhu Yi heard the conversation between Xia Shuyue and Er Mao,So scared that he turned around and ran in,Seeing that Xia Shuyue has been slipped from her head by a big sack,He yelled,“What are you doing,Really want to throw her into the river?”
“Frighten,Teach her a lesson。”Er Mao and the few people came out,Smile。
“Is it tied up??”Wang Sanwen。
“All right。”Er Mao nodded。
“Let’s go,Eat something first,Send her on the road if you are full。”They drive a van,Arrived five kilometers away。
“Just this restaurant,There is probably no place to eat nearby。”The driver said。
Wang San glanced at the car,“Not bad,I’ll eat right here。”
Zhu Yi also got off the bus,Walk into the small restaurant。
“Several,Please come in。”The boss greeted warmly,They ordered a few side dishes,Ordered two bottles of liquor。