According to the relevant requirements of the "Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Education on the Disprofessional Education Stage Category Division" Scope The "Guide" is suitable for institutions for implementing off-campus training for primary and secondary school students (including environmental education stages and high schools); institutions that implement training services for 3 to 6 years old children, refer to the implementation.

Identification is based on the identification of training purposes, training content, training methods, evaluation methods, etc. Training purpose: Take the discipline knowledge and skill training, mainly for improving discipline academic performance services.

Training content: Mainly involved in moral and rule of law, language, history, geography, mathematics, foreign language (English, Japanese, Russian), physics, chemistry, and biology, etc. Training method: focus on discipline knowledge explanation, listen to the study of disciplines such as reading, teaching, teaching and consolidation exercises, teaching demonstration, interaction, etc. form. Results Evaluation: The evaluation of the students focused on the selection and selection of learning results, exam results, etc. As the main evaluation basis. Identification work adheres to the principle of unified standards and grading.

All sets of districts should seize the time development and identification work program, and report the implementation of the Provincial Department of Education to regularly correct the standard and most of the city to ensure that the province’s standard is unified.

The counties (cities, districts) should be issued after the district programs, and further develop the work program of the refinement, and report the implementation of the district and municipal board to ensure the consistency of the city. Training institutions should implement self-management responsibility, conduct self-study and judgment on training projects carried out, self-assessment, consciously according to the relevant management requirements of "discipline" or "non-discipline", and should not appear The situation, there is no invisible variation to carry out discipline training activities. Resolutely prevent individual institutions from "drilling the empty", "shot the side", and "discipline" in the "discipline". For the extraordinary training institutions of "non-discipline" identification results and the "non-discipline" identification results, the discipline of discipline training agency shall revoke its identification and identification, according to law, according to law, and include the blacklist of the current foreign training institution, And publicly report the results of disposal to the society.