Since June of this year, the first phase of the party committee of Pondang Town, Tunxi City, the first phase of the mass safety satisfaction work evaluation score is lowered by the Zhangzhou Municipal Law Commission, the short board supervised by the Cangzhou Municipal Law, with the problem-oriented, analyzes the cause, find the problem , Implement measures, comprehensively enhance the safety satisfaction satisfaction by promoting the "one increase in a reduction", and has achieved better results.

In the second phase of this year, the town has achieved a score of the town, the first place in Tunxi, the tenth of Zhangzhou City. Take measures, increase the importance of the people’s satisfaction samples, and the key to deciding to do good and poor work. In order to increase the emphasis on the safety satisfaction of the town village cadres, Pondang Town has to be held, regardless of the meeting, and will be held by the town leadership team to each village (community) and the town straight unit meeting training to ensure Town village cadres carefully answer 0771-12340, re-radiate cadres, neighboring, ensuring that some people can get 100% satisfactory answer. At the same time, the town has organized all the town village cadres to issue publicity materials and training explanations, and solicit the proposal and opinions of the masses on government work, collect clues affecting the safety satisfaction of the masses and is resolved one by one.

The paper towel box printed on a batch of promotional safety phones is issued into the farmers’ home, let the masses firmly remember that 0771-12340 is a safe investigation phone, enhance the security investigation of the answering call, and through WeChat public account, WeChat group, electronic questionnaire In the form of surveys, all-round propaganda investigations related knowledge, further enhanced the awareness rate and participation rate of the masses. In addition, in the main transportation trunks of the town area, the banners are suspended, paste promotion slogans, extensive publicity 0771-12340 is the hotline number of the autonomous region’s social situation, the public opinion, reminding the masses to answer patients. Combined with the household training to make the masses deepen the impression.

On this basis, Pondang Town has also strengthened public security patrols, and the town districts arranged patrol people from the police station, and the public places gathered in important road sections, key areas, and supermarkets, nightty boats, and milk tea shops were "day and night" patrols. In various villages (communities), a security joint defense team was formed, wearing "social security patrol" armbands patrols daily in various villages (communities).

Through the construction of group defense group, weave the security line, and effectively improve the sense of security. At the same time, the party committee and government in Pangtang Town also vigorously promoted the registration of anti-fraud, enhanced the awareness of the mass prevention, improved telecommunications network fraud, anti-theft, cult infringement, further reduced the victims of the masses and safeguard social security.

At present, there are more than 10,000 people in the whole town registered against anti-fraud app.

Three tubes, reduce the unsatisfactory samples of the masses, the warm service, reduce the window face. The entire town service window department implements the reception system, especially the government’s office to implement the "one tea and one chair" reception method. If the people enter the door, please take the tea first, and then listen to the people to reflect, and there is a thing that can be solved on the spot. Solved, for a limited time to solve the multi-partial solution, for the notification related business people come over, let the masses make good doors, reduce the disadvantages of the people to the service window. The second is to positively understand, reduce the trouble of the people.

The town fully implemented contradiction disputes to investigate the "three seconds" working mechanism. This year, 32 cases of contradictions were investigated, and 30 were successfully resolved, and 2 were resolved. For the unable to resolve success, give guidance, positive to follow the service in place, if you need to provide legal aid through the judicial way, reduce the people’s trouble.

The third is to serve the service and reduce the people who are dissatisfied. Comprehensive combining five types of people, through the investigation of all units and villages (community) in the town and the telephone test of the Municipal Committee of the Political Legal Committee, touch the governments, not satisfied with the masses, division, and then target the masses View or dissatisfaction, by the town of Zhenkou Village leaders to go home to make a reply and answer, one by one, reduce the case of unityfulness of security in the masses.

(Editor: Chen Li Bing, Huang Yumei) Sharing let more people see.