The development of Daxan District requires the director of different cities. It also needs to be short-lived, accelerating the integration. Together, it presents multi-polar multi-center characteristics.

Each city in the district has a unique ‘personality’, and the differentiation and advantages of these cities are complementary. It is the difference between Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macau Dawan District and the International Bay Area.

"On the" Bay Area Story "held in the Guangzhou Library, Zhang Guangnan, the Guangdong University of Hong Kong and Macao Development, triggered a resonance. Along the two sides of the Pearl River, feel the unique temperament and personality of different cities, will make people to Bay There is a rich and full impression in the district.

Millennium Commercial, Cultural City, Guangzhou, has a strong historical heritage and rich human resources; innovative city Shenzhen, show vigorous vitality in the fast-paced work life; there is "China’s first overseas Chinese", Jiangmen, you can see " "Overseas Chinese", widely gathered "Overseas Chinese"; known as the hometown of Cantonese opera, the township of the martial arts, the hometown of the food, and the foundation of the food, the foundation and the long history culture … Every city in the big bay area is Different, unique, it is this colorful urban culture, has achieved unique charm of the Daxan District. The difference is just the characteristic, the advantage is.

At an interview in Zhuhai, a local cadre said it: "Shenzhen has developed well, but we can’t be the second Shenzhen, but must rely on its own advantages and resource endowments, becoming a better Zhuhai.

"For other cities in the Dawan District, isn’t it true? Relying on the traditional advantage of the petrochemical industry and the electronic information industry, Huizhou launches" 10 manufacturing industry ", helping to achieve high quality development; relying on the complete manufacturing industry chain, Dongguan Science and technology innovation, intelligent manufacturing is a new city business card; with location and transportation advantages, Zhongshan Station’s "1 hour commuter circle" "C Big" is the largest urban area, and the development is relatively low. Zhaoqing The "cost-off site" is increasingly released, the development potential … The wind is from the South China Sea, the Tide Pearl River, today’s Dawan District, surging the vitality of life, every city is looking for new opportunities in exploration, seeking better development.

  The development of Daxan District needs different sectors of different cities, but also needs to be shorter to each other, accelerate the fusion, and improvise. Open the "Outline of the Development Plan for Hong Kong, Macau", "The Development of Urban Group Development, the Development of Division, Complementation, and Dislocation Development" is impressive. For example, in the industrial level, the Pearl River Delta has a complete industrial system, while Hong Kong and Macao has advanced modern service industry, financial and scientific and education resources. In the city, the various cities are connected, and the industrial patterns of complementary mutual trustages, collaborative development are quickly formed, and have a solid foundation for realization of high quality development. Not only the city is multi-diversity, but also under a country, two systems, three tariffs, three currency conditions, unique internationally. This has brought both challenges and mean the development advantage. Accelerate the development of "hard link" in the infrastructure "Soft Unit", promote the convenientness, high-efficiency flow, and extensive gathering power of Guangdong, Macau Danwan District, the goods, funds, and information, and "1 + 1 + 1> 3 "effect. On the vast stage of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, each city has the opportunity to become the protagonist.

Interviewed in the Daxu District, every place, always see the construction scenario of the Heaven, feel the energetic energy of the hair growth. On the new journey, a batch of "Bay District people" walked sweat, hard work, became the branch of the international first-class bay area. Looking forward to the future, a world-class city group full of energetic and innovative ability, a high-quality life circle, which is easy to travel, is getting closer. (The author is a reporter of the Branch of this Newspaper (this series comments here).