"If you have no income in Jinhua Yongkang, you can come to the store, tell the store, come to the ‘single package’, you will go straight, you don’t have to polite! In the future, you have the ability to have the ability. I remember to help people who need help, thank you! "These days, a note on the door of Bunzi, the white word of the red bottom is not a circle of Jinhua Yongkang people, and there is a few words. In the heart of netizens. On this simple and warm told list, "Free Eat" four big words are very eye-catching, the following fall is a "Awu" name.

Awu is the owner of this buns, full name Wang Xiangwu, is a retired soldier. Free single package generally includes three buns and a cup of soy milk.

  At 10 o’clock in the morning of November 11, the reporter came to the "Food Bao" bun shop in Jinlong Road, Yongkang City, found Awu.

He said: "My idea is very simple, I think people can get someone care when they are difficult, will be more hope for life." Awu is so thinking because he has encountered in the road of entrepreneurship. It is difficult to get it difficult.

At that time, there were many lovers extended their assistance to him. In 2008, Awu, who took the military service, retired from the army to return to Yongkang. A few years ago, he contracted more than 50 acres of farm mud in Yongkang Zhimei Town.

Last year, the loach in the farmland, how is how to have a sudden epidemic and a typhoon-saving landline.

After learning that Awu’s dilemma, Yongkang’s local love companies have gone to help him solve sales problems. Although this entrepreneur finally ended in the end, the warmth of the love people in the snow, the warmth of the charcoal of Awu’s heart was lit.

  In December last year, Awu opened a buns.

Sometimes I have seen a disabled person in front of the door, he will take the initiative to put two hot buns to each other. If the buns in the morning are not sold, he will put the buns and get the nearby construction site and give the workers to eat. After receiving the "Free Eat", some people say that this is to make a gimmick, but most people recognize Awu’s actions.

Awu said that as long as this buns are covered, this "free" told list will be posted.

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