[] The Central Political Bureau of the Central Political Bureau, pointed out that doing well in the second half of the year, to persist in steady, complete, complete, accurate, comprehensive implementation of new development concepts, deepen the structural reform of supply side, and speed up the construction of new development , Promote high quality development. To do a good job of macroeconomic policy, maintain macroeconomic policy continuity, stability, sustainability, and overtractically do this and two years of macro policies, maintain the economic operation in a reasonable range. Specifically, the necessity of steady growth and stability in the second half of the year will increase the cross-cycle adjustment, fiscal policy and monetary policy will be more active, anti-risks, and strict supervision is still a big direction, and the industrial policy can focus on new energy. , Carbon neutralization and technological innovation.

  my country’s overall economy is overall, but internal and external pressure is still stored, and the economic growth and employment of the next half of the year and next year need a greater support for macroeconomic policies.

The meeting pointed out that my country’s economy continued to restore, stabilized, and pointed out that "the current global epidemic is still continuously evolved, the external environment is more complicated, and domestic economic recovery is still unstable and unbearable."

In addition, the meeting also requested strengthening college graduates employment services. The meeting continued to emphasize "maintaining macroeconomic policy continuity, stability, sustainability", and new "to do a good job of macroeconomic policy across cycle adjustments, coordinating today and two years of macroeconomic policies", pointing to follow-up policies Will make more camera choices, will also enhance forward-looking accuracy. Specifically, financial policies, monetary policies, industrial policies, and regulatory policies have new requirements, new deployment: one, fiscal policy and monetary policy will be more active.

Active fiscal policy should improve policy performance, and add "to reasonably grasp the progress of budgetary investment and local government bond issuance, and promote the formation of physical work next year", and then consider the June Ministry of Finance requirements "appropriate relaxation of special bond issuance time Restriction, reasonably grasp the issuance rhythm, improve bond funds and use performance, indicate that the second half of the second half may be smoother, and local debt should be more useful for projects that can truly drive demand and pull economy. In terms of monetary policy, this meeting continued to emphasize "maintaining liquidityness is reasonable", and given the full reduction of "accident" in July, it indicates that the monetary policy in the second half of the monetary policy may be stabilized, nor eliminates it. Second, new energy, carbon-up carbon, the importance of technological innovation is once again highlighted, and there is a new method.

For new energy, it is necessary to support new energy vehicles to speed up the development; for carbon neutrality, carbon-up peaks, it is necessary to introduce 2030 carbon-up peak action programs as soon as possible, and add "to adhere to the national game, correct sports" reduction ", first After breaking, resolutely curb the ‘two high’ project blind development ", pointing to the top-level design, scientifically energy saving, accurate energy saving, energy saving according to law.

For technology, it is necessary to carry out special actions for the chain of chains, accelerate the problem of "card neck", and develop special combined special SMEs. Third, anti-risk, strict supervision is still a major direction, local recessive debt, real estate, etc. In recent years, it has always been the focus of the supervision authorities. The meeting also continued to prevent the risk of resolving key areas, implementing the financial financial risk disposal mechanism of local party and government leaders. For real estate, the "room is not fried", emphasizing the requirements of "stable price, stable housing prices, stable expectations" and "accelerating the development of leased housing, implementation land, taxation and other support policies". All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.