[] Look at the world · Higher Parming the United States is near winter, the US epidemic situation is increasingly deteriorated. Diana Swank, chief economist to the United States, the United States, pointed out that the recent US epidemics is far worse than this summer’s rebound, and it is expected to continue until the end of January next year.

Some government aid programs have expired. The families who have received basic life will face "stretched" difficult situation, the population below the poverty line has risen, some temporary unemployment is transforming to permanent unemployment, this year’s fourth quarter Economic growth or will be stagnant.

  JPMorgan Tatong expects that the US economy will compromise 1% in the first quarter of next year, and become the first Wall Street Bank of the US economy that will appear in the US economy. Morgan Datong economists warned that the US economy is facing economic activities to be more and more restrictions.

Goldman Sachs, Barclays and other Wall Street agencies have dramatically lowered the Economic growth expectation for the fourth quarter of this year and the first quarter of next year. The current US President Trump has said that this government will not adopt any "Fengcheng" measures; the transition team of Waiter President Biden also said they tend to support key areas to take targeted prevention and control measures.

At present, many states such as Michigan, New York, Oregon and Virginia have announced new prevention and control measures, including the operation time and reception capacity of public places such as bars, restaurants, gym. The two parties of the United States have been unreasonable for a new round of financial relief. Biden’s policy adviser is promoting the two-party party to reach a compromise to avoid the economic recession in the beginning of next year.

However, the latest Congress election statistics show that the Democratic Party must compromise with the Republican Party to pass important legislation.

  Pacific Investment Management Company Public Policy Director Liberi Candier believes that the Congress split pattern means that the Democratic Party proposes the policy plan of the rich and enterprises, and the two parties may reach a compromise is to pass 1 trillion. The Epidemic Break Diseases and Moderate Size Investment Act. Canterrier said that the new round of epidemic will be implemented until next year’s new Congress will be implemented, etc. At the end of next year, the US economy is expected to rise to the epidemic.

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