Li Shishi seals one of his hands
Retreating while still at the end of World War I is in line with Li Shishi’s character.Picture / Visual China On November 19, Korean chess player Li Shishi officially delivered his resignation to the Korean Chess Academy, announcing the end of his career of 24 years and 7 months.Li Shishi is the world’s top chess player, having won 14 world championships and 32 South Korean championships.In 2016, he even lost 1 to 4 against AlphaGo, but also won the only victory of humanity in today’s victory against AlphaGo.At the beginning of this year, Li Shishi had retreated, and he said it was becoming increasingly difficult to beat young chess players like Ke Jie.  Chess Power vs. AlphaGo won the only victory. Korea’s Go history has a famous “two-li” era. Big Lee is “Stone Buddha” Li Changhao, and Xiao Li is “Stubborn Stone” Li Shishi. The two once let Korean Go dominate the chess world for several years.Lee Chang-ho holds 18 world champions, followed by Li Shishi with 14.On November 19, Li Shishi submitted his resignation to the Korean Chess Academy, officially ending his career as a professional chess player, and the “Two Li Times” ended.  On March 2, 1983, Li Shishi was born in a small fishing village on the bird island of Xin’an County, South Jeolla, South Korea, and became a professional chess player in 1995.In the 5th Fujitsu Cup final in 2002, Li Shishi defeated Liu Changhe in nine stages and won the first world championship, setting a record of winning the world championship with the lowest stage.  In a 24-year career, Li Shishi won 14 world championships.Between 2002 and 2009, he made 10 finals in the World Series and won all championships.In addition to 14 world champions, Li Shishi also fought 32 champions in the Korean chess world.In 2018, in the second JTBC Cup, Li Shishi defeated Xu Yinghao in the black midfield and won the final championship of his career.During his career, Li Shishi’s total bonus exceeded 9.8 billion won (approximately RMB 59 million).  The progressive battle of Li Shishi’s career was a five-match chess game with AlphaGo in March 2016. Li Shishi was one of the best players in the fourth inning and won the only victory in the official game of human chess against AlphaGo.  On March 5 this year, Ke Jie played a special match with Li Shishi in Seoul to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Trinity Movement. Ke Jie held 156 hands and took Li Shishi lightly.After the game, Li Shishi praised Ke Jie for his young and promising, and then retreated.In his career record, Li Shishi played 18 games with Ke Jie and only won 5 games.  ”Although there is a feeling that he is going to retire, but after really seeing the news of retirement, he still feels a bit tragic.”Hua Xueming, the vice chairman of the Chinese Go Association, said that Li Shishi’s choice to retire may be somewhat frustrating,” as a professional chess player, I think Li Shishi has reached the highest peak.Including the last game he played with Gu Li last year, it was difficult to reach the level he wanted, which may also be a reason for his retirement.”It is reported that the Korean Chess Academy will arrange a notice game for Li Shishi. The specific game method and opponents have not yet been determined.  Qi Duan is the youngest and most talented in the style of chess. “Korea is unlikely to have a unique chess player like Li Shishi. I really appreciate Li Shishi’s uninhibited feeling.”When the pilot accepted the sauna, in an exclusive interview with Yewang, Ke Jie said that Li Shishi would have no more Li Shishi,” and not to mention personality, just to say achievements, because others will only tolerate your personality.”Li Shishi’s character is another type of chess player, which seems a little extreme to many people.After joining the stage in 1995, Li Shishi was quite dissatisfied with the Korean Go system.The Air Force, China and South Korea re-encircled the Go system and continued to use the Japanese Go system. Players must participate in a special stage game.  After being promoted to three stages, Li Shishi, who has won multiple Korean championships, thought that the rank system was meaningless and announced that he would no longer participate in the rank competition.After that, three-segment players often beat nine-segment players in Korean Go games.  Li Shishi’s move directly challenged the authority of South Korean Go, and also carried out the reform of the Go ranking system in China, Japan and South Korea.After careful research, the Korean Chess Academy introduced a new ranking system. Any player who has won the second place in the domestic game can be promoted one stage, a champion can be promoted two stages, and a world champion can be promoted three stages.  In the LG Cup final in March 2003, Li Shishi defeated Li Changhao in the third stage 3-1, and the former went straight to the sixth stage after the game.A month later, in the South Korean KT Cup, Li Shishi, who won the runner-up, was promoted to the seventh stage.In July 2003, Li Shishi went straight to the ninth stage after winning the 16th Fujitsu Cup, making it the youngest nine stage in the history of Go.From three to nine sections, Li Shishi spent more than 3 months.  In 2016, due to dissatisfaction with the first-level constraints on chess players, Li Shishi and his brother Li Xiangxun Jiuduan announced their withdrawal from the Korean Chess Club.In recent years, Li Shishi and the Korean chess academy have more battles than news of his game. His slightly aggressive personality has also been criticized by chess fans.  ”Two Li (Li Changhao, Li Shishi) formed a sharp contrast.The era needs all kinds of characters. If they are all chess players like Li Changhao, everyone may look a little boring.”Hua Xueming believes that Li Changhao and Li Shishi are legends. The two give the chess world a special atmosphere and let more people pay attention to Go.  Chess Guli praised the brothers as unique heroes and cherished heroes.As soon as the news of Li Shishi’s retirement came out, “8 Crowns” Gu Li sent two social media to express his reluctance.Although Li Shishi is known as Gu Li’s “enemy for life”, the two are good friends in private.In 2013, when Li was married, Li Shishi rushed to Chongqing Daoxi.  ”Although we don’t speak any language, we often meet in these years and we will sit down for a drink. Our relationship has already surpassed our opponents.Gu Li said that sometimes the interpreter didn’t speak, but when the two looked at each other, they could know what they wanted to say.  Hearing the news of Li Shishi’s retirement, Gu Li lost for a long time. He didn’t expect this day to come so early. “With my knowledge of him, he should never look back.””Guli and Li Shishi were both born in 1983. The world chess world entered the era of the coexistence of” Guli Li Shishi “more than ten years ago.In 2014, Li Shishi and Gu Li had a rare ten-match chess battle. Li Shishi won 6 million and 2 losses with a 500 million championship prize.  After recognizing Li Shishi’s retirement, Gu Li said, “At this moment, I just want to give him a big hug. Even though there are thousands of words, I would say to anyone.In 14 years, Li Shishi and Gu Li battled for 51 rounds and had a record of 25 wins and 25 losses. The other game was a rare draw in the world of chess.  ”Thank you for not being afraid of strong enemies, digging in the game against AlphaGo, and defending the treasure of human wisdom and civilization.”For more than ten years in the game, Gu Li said that Li Shishi has always been the target of his pursuit and motivated himself to continue to move forward,” remember you said ‘I don’t regret even sliding down from the top of the mountain, because I lived wonderfully.’Hopefully, in the future you can live a more unique Li Shishi.”Like Gu Li,” unique “is the evaluation of Li Shishi by many people, and his retirement made the chess world regret.”Li Shishi is a very unique person, a person with a story.”Hua Xueming said that everyone hopes to see Li Shishi writing more stories in the chess world.”  Li Shishi, who debuted early, is only 36 years old this year, and Guli, who is the same age as him, is still fighting for the Siege.Although the state has improved, with Li Shishi’s skills, he can still continue his career as a chess player for several years.  Such a decisive departure, Hua Xueming said that this is Li Shishi’s work style, “I admire Li Shishi, he is a pure chess player, he did not choose to quit, but retired directly.From this perspective, Li Shishi’s retirement is more tragic.”List of 14 world champions in Li Shishi’s 2002 15th Fujitsu Cup 1-0 win Liu Changhe 2003 2003 7th LG Cup 3-1 win Li Changhao 16th Fujitsu Cup 1-0 win Song Taikun 2004 9th Samsung Cup 2-0 win2005 2nd Toyota Cup 2 to 1 wins Chang Hao 18th Fujitsu Cup 1 to 0 wins Cui Zhehan 2007 3rd Toyota Cup 2 to 1 wins Zhang Xu 2008 12th Samsung Cup 2 to 1 wins Park Yongxun 12th LG Cup 2 to 1 win Han Shangxun 2009 13th Samsung Cup 2 to 0 win Kong Jie 2010 2nd BC Credit Card Cup 3 to 0 win Chang Hao 2011 3rd BC Credit Card Cup 3 to 2 wins Guli 8th Chunlan Cup 2 to 1Wins Sheikh’s 2012 17th Samsung Cup 2 to 1 wins Gulice Written / Sauna, Ye Wang Sun Haiguang