But when I was about to leave the hall,Qiao Tianyu involuntarily looked back at the wall of the hall“Fuxing Society”Three words,I can’t help but feel another intense dizziness in my head.
The office building here is not close to downtown Dubai,It was already dark when Qiao Tianyu and others returned to Qiao Dahua’s villa,Keiko has already prepared a large table of Shanxi dishes。
And Qiao Dahua also showed the friendship of the landlord,Passionately moved out a box of aged Fenjiu,I have to get drunk with Qiao Tianyu today。
But too much happened today,especially“Fuxing Society”Those three words,It made Qiao Tianyu a little overwhelmed,So Qiao Tianyu cited physical discomfort as an excuse,Politely declined Geodahua’s kindness,Did not drink,I ate two bites of food and hurriedly asked to go back to the guest room to rest。
Qiao Dahua sees that Qiao Tianyu’s face has been bad today,There is no force,Brought Qiao Tianyu to the guest room on the second floor。
The decoration of Qiao Dahua’s guest rooms is also luxurious,No less than the famous sailing hotel in the future,But Qiao Tianyu’s thoughts are not on this at all。
“Uncle。”Qiao Tianyu settled in,Just about to leave,But Qiao Tianyu screamed,“Something,I want to ask you for advice。”
“Uh uh,Yes you can,what’s up?”Qiao Dahua asked。
“Today the heads of the four major families gathered together,Cui Keying and I are the successors of the Qiao family and the Cui family,But where are Chen’s and Lu’s?Why didn’t the successors of their two families come??”Qiao Tianyu asked。
“Oh,You say this。”Geo Dahua explained,“Actually we don’t know where the successors of their two families are?”
“what?You don’t know?”Qiao Tianyu was surprised。
“Yes。”Qiao Dahua nodded seriously,“In fact, this was discussed when we established the Fuxing Club。”
“In order to maintain the competitive vitality of the four major families for a long time,Avoid being the head of the four major families in the hands of the elderly for a long time,We established a complete succession system when we established the Fuxing Club.,Make appointments for successors,The former head must hand over the head to the successor within three years。”
“But at the time, everyone was worried that some people would be unwilling to take the position of huge wealth and head,Hinder the growth of successors,Even murdered his successor,So the successor becomes a talent‘Debut’before,Identity is strictly confidential,Also to protect the safety of successors。”
“In fact, when Uncle Renfu was training you,We don’t even know your existence,Until you showed up on Wall Street,We only knew that Qiao’s successor was here,I quickly started‘Give way’plan。”
“So the successors of the Chen family and Lu family,I haven’t shown up until now,We don’t know who they are,Where are they!”
“Oh oh,That’s it!”Qiao Tianyu nodded vigorously,“But Master Lu is so old,Still in charge,It seems to be contrary to the spirit of the agreement when the Fuxing Society was established.?”
“Hahaha,In fact, the head of the Lu family was not Lord Lu at the beginning,But his son Lu Zhenghao,It’s just that Lu Zhenghao died of a serious illness a few years ago,And the successor has not seen,So Lord Lu had to temporarily take over as the head。”Geo Dahua explained。
“However, Lord Lu is one generation higher than the other three heads,So we treat him respectfully,Dare not make trouble。”