Canaan Luo frowned,He has never seen Xia Chenglong use such martial arts,The key is at the moment when the huge shadow appears,He felt the faint danger。
Tell him intuitively,Go all out next。
Since the other party is the pinnacle of the Holy Land,So he also has his own mood。
Canaan Luo’s whole body has become a looming cage,He is in the cage and outside the cage!
This is his mood!
“Kid,If you can break my mood,I can convince you。”
For Canaan Luo,Xia Chenglong just sneered。
The realm of context,He’s still far away,I thought I was high,Quick rational understanding。
“it is good,Then you are optimistic,How did i break your mood。”
The heavy voice is mixed with the roar of Vulcan,Let Xia Chenglong’s momentum reach an unprecedented state,This kind of aura of having a man and being a man is completely different from that of Canaan Luo Jiu in the cage。
A defensive extreme,An offensive extreme。
The spear and the shield collide in the most prosperous state,Patriarch Yun quickly waved,Form a protection in the sky above everyone。
Such terrible power,Is beyond the range that ordinary people can afford。
The huge Vulcan blasted out towards the fan cage with a punch,Every time it leaves a trace on it,The fragile cage can actually block Vulcan’s punch。
“Hahaha,Xia Chenglong,You give up,I admit you are strong,But want to break my cage,Still short of fire。”
“is it?”
Xia Chenglong has no sword,This affected his combat effectiveness to a certain extent。