It’s obviously a collision of two fists,Between the fists, there are two sounds of metal cracking.,At the point where the fists collided, two hurricanes of completely different energy erupted.,A hot wind blowing in June,Make people feel hot;The other is like the cold wind in the twelfth lunar month,Make people tremble。
These two points are the hair and beards of Chen Xiu and Qingyun ancestor、Full back。
of course,The most unlucky are Ge Hong and Liu Dunyue standing behind Chen Xiu,They fend off,Still suffering from alternating hot and cold,Have to retreat,More than ten meters away from the two,It’s better to stay away from the source of the hurricane。
“What kind of body fragmentation does this kid practice,Such a powerful physical power!”
Qingyun Patriarch repeatedly urges true Qi,Can’t actually knock Chen Xiu down,I was shocked。
“very scary、What a weird infuriating attack!”
Chen Xiu is more frightened than Qingyun Patriarch,Patriarch Qingyun’s method of luck is completely different from his previous cognition,If it weren’t for the true energy of Chen Dayuan’s original cultivation that did not match the Qingyun ancestor,Chen Xiu was already knocked down by his luck。
“No way,Keep going,I will be crushed by him,Changes must be made!”
Chen Xiu shouted,At the same time his body suddenly turned into a tornado,The wind is turning faster and faster,Blew all the floor of the hall。
“Fucking,Why is this kid so uneasy about making moves,Fist is fighting my big overseas,I can still do two things,At the same time use the luck method of immortal mudra,Energize my fist!”
Chen Xiu’s practice has always been tested on his own,No master teacher,Instead of rules and regulations,I think of everything but do it at will,Many ideas are even more imaginary。
If there is a famous teacher,Naturally tell Chen Xiu,Use two different techniques of luck at the same time,If you are not young, you will get confused,Self-breaking meridian。
He naturally didn’t dare to use it like this。