“I gonna go see!”
Fang Deyun got up,Go and take a look at Maoyan。
Found it was Jiang Wan’er,Relieved。
open the door,Jiang Wan’er asked people to bring the gift to the house。
“Hello Uncle Fang……I came to see you!”
Jiang Wan’er held a box politely,Handed it to Fang Deyun。
“You’re welcome……Cost you,I am so sorry!”Fang Deyun knows now,Jiang Wan’er is not easy。
Son wants to be with her,Not easy!
just,Why does Jiang Wan’er come here??
“Fang Yu……Haven’t come back yet?”
Jiang Wan’er walked in,A face of doubt。
“You came to see my son too……He hasn’t come back for a long time。It’s never normal not to come back!”Pan Yulin said slowly,Quickly pour Jiang Wan’er a cup of tea。
“Thanks a lot!”
Jiang Wan’er said politely,Sat down。
time,Two days have passed。
Fang Yu,There is still not much news。
The third day of tomorrow,Only one day。