Liangqiu turned,Facade appreciation。
Qin night jade face,It is proud of it。
After the ground,Specially taking care of summer,To prevent him from standing unstable。
“summer,How is my speed??”
Summer eyes through a strange,Arch,“Great,Thank you。”
After the end,Also look at Hongqiao。
http://www.yiyuanpiaohao.cn At the time of Xicheng,I have seen several times by thousands of miles.,Can be truly in front of you,Still brought him great shock。
This Hongqiao is like a Tianhe,Snourish from the sky,Cloudy,It is like a fairy mountain pendant。
Half half,Everyone comes。
Looking at the rainbow bridge,Surprised。
See people,Liangqiao,“It’s going to enter the five years.,Everyone is careful,Don’t disperse,If it is dispersed in the mountains,Don’t panic,See a machine,Everything is mainly。”
Everyone nodes,God dign。
“good,Set off。”
Liangqiu is cold,Turning up,The first jumped on the Hongqiao。
Behind everyone followed。
After entering the Hongqiao,It is not transparent inside,It is a substantial one channel。
If you look back,I found great,Intuible,Lianfeng is gone。
Within Hongqiao Channel,Not transmitted。
But http://www.gzrichutea.cn it was evolved in a white jade stair to the five-bedroom mountain.。
Everyone is not afraid,Pick up。
See the four things in the summer,Color scales are still afraid。
I immediately took a few steps,Come to the near,Comfort,“summer,Are you OK?”
Qin Ning Yu also approached,Deliberately challenged a color scale,Laugh,“Are not you afraid?”
He went all the way,Experienced dancing,I have already refined a big heart.。
To be afraid……Really。
If you look from outside,This rainbow bridge is completely high in rainbow.。