Shi Taifeng first represented a warm congratulations on the party committees and governments of the Autonomous Region to all the winners, and worshiped their respect for science and technology workers. He pointed out that Inner Mongolia has developed to today, the demand for technology innovation is more strong and urgent than ever. Accelerate the level of technology innovation, is an important responsibility of party committees and governments at all levels, and is the mission of the majority of scientific and technological workers.

We must recognize the situation, face the problem, further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, put technology innovation as the most pressing task, in the hands, not afraid, hard work, effectively put technology innovation, let this driving force Get up, better service and integrate into the new development pattern, solidly take advantage of high-quality development path of ecological priority, green development – oriented. Shi Taifeng emphasizes that it is necessary to fasten the industrial chain supply chain to deploy innovative chain, focusing on industrial transformation and upgrading, highlighting the short board, concentrateing power to overcome key technical problems, improving the transformation efficiency of scientific and technological achievements, promoting the industry to high-end, intelligent, green Make it. To guide and support enterprises in technology innovation in the tide of the main, sing the protagonist, implement a good corporate innovation support policy, encourage enterprises to lead the establishment of innovative consortium, undertake major scientific and technological projects, promote the middle and downstream of the industrial chain, large and medium-sized enterprises, better Development of Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise Enterprises. To accelerate the construction of scientific and efficient technology innovation platform systems, enhance the overall scientific research capabilities of colleges and research institutes, promote all kinds of high-tech innovation development, strengthen pragmatic cooperation with relevant parties, and strive to cultivate more quality innovation elements and innovation resources, support Various innovative platform vectors participate in the "Technology Xingtun" action. We must continue to deepen the reform of the scientific and technological system, focus on the evaluation system, the technical mechanism of talents, and establish the evaluation of quality, performance, contribution as the core, and implement the value of innovation elements such as knowledge, technology. Allocate policies, strive to create innovative ecology of wind and water. Shi Taifeng emphasizes that the majority of scientific and technological workers should study in depth to practice the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, always "the big people", inherit and carry forward the old generation of the old-seniors, the excellent quality of the people, and vigorously promote the spirit of scientists. Drilling, rigorously studying, creating more research results, writing the paper in the land, and practical "rigging soldiers" in science and technology innovation in the region. Party Committees at all levels (Party Group) should conscientiously implement the spirit of the Central Talent Work Conference, in-depth implementation of the new era of talents strong country strategy, all-round cultivation, introduction, use a talent, to all kinds of talents, researchers should be politically careful, work support, Life is concerned, and the creative creative creative love is a good environment for talents. Wang Lixia stressed that attending the meeting, all departments at all levels should effectively enhance political awareness, strengthen political, and do a good job in scientific and technological innovation work from politics.

To enhance the problem awareness, strengthen the problem-oriented, and focus on resolving the blocking point, pain points, difficulties, focus issues of the development of Science and Creation, and speed up the high-quality development department. To enhance responsibility, strengthen responsibility, and go all out to promote the effects of various target tasks, to provide a more fully scientific research guarantee for the new chapter of Inner Mongolia Development, more and more technology, more enriched . At the meeting, Sun Junmin, a special contribution to the autonomous region’s science and technology, made a statement.

The conference was held in a video form, alliances and Manzhouli City, Doubletham City.

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