Since this year, the Bijie Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission has promptly "cleaning the battlefield" in a high degree of political consciousness, and continues to highlight the characteristics of "special", and implement the "special" play, focusing on consolidating and expanding the poverty achievements with rural revitalization, combined with "I Do practical affairs for the masses "practice activities, continue to rectify the corruption and unhealthy trends around the masses.

It is understood that, as of now, the city found 3,980 problems in the field of people, 692 cases, and 640 party disciplines, and returned to thousands of people.

"Although the poverty is over, it does not mean that the supervision is over. We summarize the good experience in the exploitation of the poverty supervision, close attention to the key supervision of rural villages, with strong effective supervision and strive to rectify the corruption and style of the people .

"The Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission said. The depth of" treatment "is continuously extended. The discipline inspection and supervision organs at Bijie City covers the consolidation, carry out the" four do not pick ", urban and rural residents basic pension insurance, easy to poverty alleviation relocation Support and other special supervision and inspection; in-depth expansion, launching grassroots financial supervision highlighting, reorganization, expanding the industry management governance of grassroots financial supervision to the cleanup of the poverty attack, strictly investigating large poverty alleviation funds, key projects are stagnating Corruption behind it.

In the supervisory method, all kinds of supervision, build the people’s livelihood supervision work mechanism of "municipal supervision, county coordination, city county rural four-level joint", for daily supervision, special supervision, petition report, review survey, political patrol, involving the masses The "micro-corruption" problem in the interests, analyzing and judging, accurately selecting entry point, breakthrough, integrating supervision power, special organization supervision.

In the first half of the year, establish a supervision and inspection room + a discipline inspection team + local discipline inspection and supervision actions, and jointly carry out special supervision and inspection of the supply and marketing system issues, a total of 94 rectification issues were discovered.

"The Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission, the relevant responsible comrades of the supervision of the Municipal Committee. At the same time, the window reflected the problem of the problem in the masses," I launched the "I have a" I have a practical thing for the people to do practical things, people’s livelihood supervision into the world "," The subject of the discipline, the secretary of the discipline, " At the door of each group, the "Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Commission for Discipline Inspection" is customized, and the supervision of the county and township discipline committees will be disclosed to the masses, so that the zero distances of the masses are reflected to the Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission.

Since September this year, the people have been accepted from 1922, and they have been processed according to the relevant procedures, and the petitions within the discipline inspection business have been verified and transferred. "Next, we will continue to strengthen supervision and efficiency. Strong discipline style guarantee. "The responsible comrades of the Bijie Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission said. (Bijie Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission) Source: (Editor: Li Yongxin (Internship), Chen Kangqing) Share Let more people see the recommended reading.