Zhang Chunfeng has been engaged in the work of edible bacteria since its participation in 2003. She created Fengcheng City, the Qingcheng City, has become a leading enterprise in the edible bacteria planting industry in Dandong, has won the "Dandong City Women’s Consultant", "Dandong City" The most beautiful technology talent "," Fengcheng March 8 Red Flag "," Fengcheng City Work Model "," Two First and One Good and Good Excellent Members ".

The company has more than 20 scientific research results awards. The company is recognized as "national star fire plan implementation unit", "National Science and Technology", "Liaoning Provincial Poverty Alleviation Lead Enterprise" and other honorary titles. Under the leadership of Zhang Chunfeng, the company can produce all the edible bacteria and bacteria rods that are planted in Northeast, and become the only planting enterprises with the production of edible fungi "mother" production in Dandong. In order to drive the edible bacteria growing, she participated in the establishment of the only food science and technology industry strategic alliance in Liaoning Province.

Establishing a joint study and research in colleges and universities such as Liaoning Agricultural Sciences, Shenyang Agricultural University, introducing professor-level experts, establish "Fengcheng City Large Estate Fungus Expert Workstation", and formulates the Joint Society of Zhenfeng City.

It is strongly promoted the healthy development of the edible fungus industry in Dandong and even the Liaoning Province, which has driven peasants to get ritual and improving the rich and revitalize the rural economy. Over the years, she has developed more than 2,000 kinds of planting, and more than 2,000 plantations in frontier towns and more than 20 peasant professional cooperatives in frontier towns and surrounding towns have developed more than 5,000 mu of planting bases. Indirectly solve more than 500 residual labor resources, the household is increasing nearly 10,000 yuan, helping a lot of poor households to get rich.

She held a scientific and technological training class, cloud class lectures, training more than 1,000 peasants in the province, free distribution of more than 1,000 scientific and technological materials, 3,000 discs, pests and insects identify more than 2,000 colored maps.

Zhang Chunfeng actively implemented the party and the government’s poverty alleviation strategy and fully returned the society.

It is a long-term free of charge for more than 10 poor people, and more than 10 disabled personnel in the surrounding areas of the door are arranged in the company.

Over the years, she has made more than 50 million yuan for the social welcoming cause of the poor, donating the hopes of hope, repairing the bridge, and donating the disaster area.

In the crown of new crown, the factory has been discontinued, and the market has lack of supply of fresh mushrooms. In order to ensure that the public can buy parity mushrooms and the Spring Festival, the workers are organized to actively invest production, and picked up the mushrooms to put the market to meet market demand. At the same time, she actively participated in the love contributions and donation materials from all levels. On her, I felt a communist party to brave the spirit of the spirit and the appearance of a new era of knowledge-based science and technology talents.

Figure / Wen Wangjuan.