Creating a normative, transparent, open, energetic, tough mature capital market, both to effectively and effective hard-sized, for the market "standing rules"; healthy mature soft culture, for the market "lead direction". At the time value 315, in order to promote investor education protection and cultural creative organic integration, mobilization, extensive mobilization of the enthusiasm of participating in investor education protection work, Xinhua Net Investor Education Base Joint Exchange, held 2020 National Education Anime Competition Excellent work exhibition. Previously, the Shenzhen Exchange has organized the two nationwide teaching anime competitions, collecting 7,610 works, and more than 1.2 billion people on the online reading volume.

  The winning works of this show, with the theme of "Danqing Pen ‘Law" as the theme, "reading history", "reserves" "tree concept", aims to review history, show achievement, revealing risks, transfer idea.

  These works come from personal investors, well-known comic artists, securities practitioners, universities and students, including comics, calligraphy, photography, paper-cut, folding fan, etc., condensed the wisdom and creativity of creators, explain capital Maritime, the market builders, participants, and peers, and the sincere blessings of the capital market and ardent expectations.

  This is an excellent work for the video class of Haitong Securities and Education Base – "Natural Investment Master".