“it is good,I’ll followVCall,How did he find you??Do you call this?”Uncle Jihu asked on the phone。
“How about this,Uncle Ji,You remember a number,This is my dad’s big brother number,If you find something,Just call me this phone。”Lu Menglin said。
After explaining the general situation with Uncle Ji,Lu Menglin returned to the community alone,Open the door,The gang in the living room finally broke up,Only one mess left。
no way,Poor Xiao Lu has to sleep on the living room sofa,I had to pinch my nose and fell asleep。
text Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen Construction site
? Ten o’clock in the morning,Lu Youshan took Huang Yuanshun,And son Lu Menglin,The three went to the southern suburbs of Guangzhou to see the land。
If there is nothing unexpected,I will see the venue for the last time today,Then you can draw up a contract,Then report to the group to advance the matter。
Lu Youshan as the head of the Guangdong business department,Huang Yuanshun represents company finance,A right,One for money,There are two people nodding at the same time,This matter will never leave。
three people,Hit a taxi,Hurried to the southern suburbs of Yangcheng。
“When we talk about this project,I will also apply to the factory to transfer a car。After all, we have such a big exhibition hall in Yangcheng,How to pick up customers without a car。”Lu Youshan sitting in the back seat with his son,Said quite proudly。
The sudden fall of Zhao Yuanchao,Let the haze in Lu Youshan’s heart go away,Many of the original worries disappeared,In his opinion,It’s time to show off,A good time to make achievements for the Liufang Mill。
“With this exhibition hall,We can take Yangcheng as the core,Radiation to the entire Pearl River Delta,Let more customers know that our Liufang products are powerful。”Lu Youshan said excitedly。
Huang Yuanshun, sitting in the front row, seems to be closing his eyes and resting.,Not continual。
Lu Menglin nodded,Smiled:“Yes!”