Can be widely spread,Dharma will inevitably be obtained by Wujianmen,It doesn’t make much sense to spread it out。
Not as good as most refining airflows are all third-class golden cores,A few of them who are absolutely loyal are second-class Jindan true immortals—If there is no hope to step into the real fairy,It’s meaningless to upgrade to a second-class golden core。
“Brother Zhulong!”Xiaoyao Daozu said with a smile,“A half–Is this premium a bit high?,I’m afraid there are not many ice cores in the Three Realms。”
“Yes,Brother Ming,I think the two premiums are about the same。”Fuxi tentatively revealed his price。
At last,Li Ming still negotiated with the two great abilities。
Per transaction,Jiuyan syrup and ice core are both given one third more,That is, if Li Ming cultivates three second-class golden pill gods for the Taoist people,Li Ming can train one by himself。
but,For the cultivation of Dao Sect and Human Race powerhouse,Dao Sect or Human Race can send Dao Zu to see,Avoid deductions when Li Ming uses strange objects。Anyway, it’s impossible to learn the way to improve the golden core。
Negotiated a deal,The atmosphere eased。
“Haha,I came to talk with my old friend,But got such good news!”Xiaoyao Daozu smiled,“But this is indeed good news。But I said before,Fellow Taoist Candle Dragon really does not return to our Taoist line?”
“Friends Ming Dao is now a human race!”Fuxi smiled and said,But soon his face changed a bit:“But then again,How much do Ming Dao friends know about Wu Jian Men,This is a very powerful force。”
“No room door,Ancestor of Wind Demon、Moshou Daozu、Master Hengmu, these three are not inferior,There are also many Dao ancestors under his command,Not inferior to the human race in the Three Realms。This force,It should be after the so-called end of the ancient world,The defeated group of chaotic aliens。”
“Not bad,It seems that Fellow Daoist Ming knows no less than Dao ancestors。But this force is very sinister,Fellow Daoist killed the old man Yinfeng,Those who are strong in Infernal Affairs dare not retaliate directly,But some secret methods are also very troublesome。”
“indeed~”Li Ming nodded,“In that case,Just ask two dao friends to do me a favor!”
Fuxi、Xiaoyao Daozu:“???”