Next week,The successive special forces are back。
When every team comes back,Are all painted。
The top five teams have returned to the third。
Only Thor’s female special team and Fan Tianlei’s red cell special team have not returned。
And the task they completed is task two,Hostage rescue。
At this moment,Qin Hao felt something bad,An unusual atmosphere surrounds them。
The whole base is filled with wind and rain。
Qin Hao thought he was too sensitive,After all, the women’s special team and the RBC special team are very strong.。
Two big teams complete oneSTask,Not to mention more than enough,But I won’t be in a difficult situation。
Facts proved,It’s not that Qin Hao had an illusion,But something really happened。
Something big!
Eighth day,The entire base sounded a red alarm at six in the morning。
This is the highest level alert,It is absolutely impossible to send it out without a last resort。
Only more than half of the captains of the top five teams agree,To issue such a command。