The one who followed Zhang Haibao,Suddenly he took out two flying knives and shot Zhang Haibao in the back。
Zhang Haibao heard the sound of his back,It is directly the work of controlling the crane,Ten Xuantian flying knives protected the flying knives that came from behind。
But he is like this,I also slow down,Another person jumped over his head and blocked his way。
“Zhang Haibao,You still obediently follow us to see the ancestors of Bai Hu and explain clearly about Wu Hua。”
“Didn’t I say I don’t know what happened to Wu Hua!”
“Don’t know what you run,Not yet guilty!”The person who shot the flying knife before also caught up。
“Laozi is guilty!”
Zhang Haibao grinned,Said:“Who among the descendants of the five ancestors sees you, the white tiger, is not guilty,Who is not afraid of being blown up by you!”
The two were furious,Shouted sharply:“Clean my mouth!”
I can’t escape anyway,Zhang Haibao broke the can,Said with a mockery:“You group of dead shemales can do it and are afraid of people laughing!”
“Tear your mouth!”
The person standing in front of Zhang Haibao is like the wind,The whole person is like a ghost,I arrived in front of Zhang Haibao。
“So fast!”