The block chain and intellectual property management are currently in an unprecedented development, we should firmly grasp the historical opportunities, play the advantages of the block chain, break through the pain points of long-term intellectual property governance, difficult problems, and actively explore the promotion knowledge Institutional Mechanism of Property Right Governance Modernization Construction Process. Similarly, the block chain is an emerging technical means, and it will also play an important role in the field of intellectual property administration, infringement system reform, and the "chain" intellectual property governance modernization process. The block chain is an effective means of promoting the modernization of intellectual property management. The reason why intellectual property is a governance problem, from the technical program, work, identification and other intellectual property rights is a kind of information, data, hidden intangible, easy to copy, difficult to trace, compare difficulties, this feature to intellectual property , Transactions, infringement proofs have brought many difficulties, and the specific expression of invisible intellectual property assets in the stakeholders has reached trust. The birth of the block chain originates from the problem of solving data mutual trust, and its initial heart is a mutual trust in a scene that is untrustworthy between stakeholders. The block chain integrates a number of advanced, frontier, and managing techniques such as encryption algorithm, consensus mechanism, distributed data storage, and point-to-point transmission.

The block chain is a gratitude of intellectual property illegal behavior, which can bring historical changes to intellectual property registration management. The block chain that has effectively curbed the illegal act of illegal behavior in the source, and the block chain has "distributed" "non-tampered. "Traceable, verify" "Multi-Search" and other technical features, is being introduced to intellectual property-intensive industries, play an important role in registration management, digital copyright transactions, brand protection, infringement proof. The block chain can improve management efficiency.

The block chain is upgraded to "Intelligent Intellectual Property".

Use the block chain to create "smart intellectual property registration platform", record the application or registration time, use time, transfer time, transfer time, etc. of ingredients such as patent rights, trademark rights, copyright, and reserve the rights protection rights for intellectual property. The rights are generated, and all matters are used to record the entire life cycle of intellectual property.

The "non-tamper" of the block chain allows these records irreversible to ensure the security and authority of the data. Storage, check, comparison, and instant provision of these data become no longer difficult. Intellectual Property Rights Lifecycle Information Whether it is the right to intellectual property rights, it is important for infringement in intellectual property rights. Accurate, efficient, completely managed intellectual property full lifecycle information, providing strong support for authentication procedures and infringement litigation, is the basic project of intellectual property management modernization.

The block chain can also strengthen the protection of trademark rights. The full life cycle information under the block chain support can help the protection of trademark rights, governance to the illegal phenomenon of trademark rights.

In trademark infringement, the trademark rights need to prove the registration time of the trademark to respond to the invader first use defense, need to prove the fact that trademarks used in business activities in recent years, to avoid being revoked for unused, need to prove trademarks The goodwill accumulated due to use to curb the "brand-name" behavior, need to prove that the trademark allows the usage fee used by others to obtain damages.

Such information can be tentacles in intelligent intellectual property registration platforms, easy access, and intellectual property life cycle information can significantly reduce the burden of the trademark owner, speed up the rights of the trademark right and rights. Technology and law are all crystallization created by human wisdom. They all have plasticity. We must not only adhere to core technology and application technologies, but also adhere to the core technology and application technology. The main intelligent trading platform is also heavy, and it is necessary to actively explore a new road that is conducive to block "chain" intellectual property management in institutional mechanism innovation.

We must first try the "future" in the block chain technology. We must see the beautiful prospects of the block "link" intellectual property governance, but also to recognize the negative effects of the block "chain" illegal behavior. While the Internet makes the large-scale spread of digital works, the network infringement of the copyright is not uncommon. There are similar light and shadows in the block chain, so that the rights of intellectual property makes the right to rights easier, and it is possible to make copyright infringement difficult to eliminate the impact, illegally uploaded to the block chain work because the block chain is "irreversible" and "Anonymity", it is possible to become a "marginal pain" that cannot be cured.

What will be giving us a half a half a half a half of the block chain to a large extent, depending on the technological innovation and progress, so we can’t scrap the food, it will not blindly, and you can’t blindly optimize. The benefits of the block chain are released to make the disadvantages of the block chain to maximize the maximum extent.

The block chain is an effective means of governance intellectual property violations. In this sense, the "future" of the block chain is available; the actual application of the block chain in the governance of intellectual property illegal behavior is still in theory to practice, actual application The pain points are still waiting to summarize in practice. In this sense, the "period" of the block chain has not yet come, and it is for the period "future". This requires us to carry out the spirit of "period" in the block chain in the "future" of the block chain and the "futuristic" in the block chain, it is not yet arrived, and I will try first. In the middle of the new journey, the "future" of the block chain is available.

We must put the block "link" intellectual property management modernization process, picking up on his shoulders, falling in practice, actively promoting the combination of block chains and entity economies, combining intellectual property industries, and intellectual property rights The combination of governance is combined, leaning down, takes a footsteps, find problems in practice, summarize the problem in practice, promote practice to the reform deep water area, continue to play new kinetic energy, innovative scientific and technological achievements continue to play Demonstration leads.

(Professor Jin Chunyang, Xi’an Jiaotong University) (Editor: Lu Wei, Joe Feng) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.