Original title:% Interviewed Parents expecting a lot of exercise project listing issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening Physiology Health Management Work" clearly mention that primary and secondary school students have an hourly sports activity time. However, due to the reason for learning stress, lack of sports skills, many parents said that it is difficult to ensure that they will complete the extra-hour sports activities per day. Last week, China Youth News Social Survey Center jointly questioned a survey of 1165 primary and secondary school students, to ensure that one hour of sports activities per day,% of parents hope to be different age, physical condition Students provide scientific exercise suggestions,% interviewed parents expect rich list of sports, improve students’ interest.

The children of Beijing citizens Li Ping (pseudonym) are studying in the fifth grade of primary school. This semester will start school after school after school.

Li Ping felt that there were many "Xia fat" "small glasses", developing the habits of sports exercise every day, is very important to children’s body development. "We should emphasize the importance of this hour, increase publicity, so that all aspects pay attention stand up". Daughter of Xie Li (pseudonym) this year.

From this semester, you will adhere to the exercise for half an hour every night. "As far as I observe, boys prefer to play roller skating, play badminton. Relatively, girl sports projects are relatively small." She believes that the enthusiasm of mobilizing children is very important, let them actively exercise, and design some fun sports.

In addition, schools can provide students with scientific exercise guidance and instructions to avoid injury due to misconduct, intensity.

The son of Ma Yujiao (the pseudonym) reads the first three this year, and there is no time to exercise.

She feels that she is not paying attention to her child. She believes that first, it is necessary to guide parents to establish the correct concept, pay attention to improve their physical fitness.

The school can provide students and parents to provide a list of sports, add optional options.

She hopes that the school and enterprises’ sports venues and facilities have been further open, "common sports facilities, such as basketball, badminton, table tennis, etc., can add some."

For the proceedings of foreign sports venues and facilities, Professor of the School of Sports and Sports, Beijing Normal University, the doctor’s Major Mao Zhenming analysis, first to increase investment, in accordance with the planning of healthy China, sports powers, to complete the corresponding construction. The second is to use existing resources to consider the problems of communities, families and schools when constructing related sites. "For example, the school football field can build two doors.

The children do not allow social staff to enter during school, and after school, they can open them.

Similarly, sports facilities in the community are also open to schools.

The convenience of use is considered when building it. "

Mao Zhen also said that physical education teachers should provide sports homework and sports exercise for students, and some software hardware can be provided to parents. Social sports practitioners can provide public goods with guidance.

"Family, society, school, including researchers engaged in physical education, working together to enrich children’s physical exercise activities, guiding children to conduct scientific physical exercise. I believe people will not exercise, how long does it take? There is a big change. "

Guarantee an hourly sports activities per day,% of the visited parents hope to provide scientific exercise recommendations for different ages, physical condition students, and% of the visited parents expect the list of sports projects, improve students’ s interested,% of the parents It is believed that it is necessary to pay attention to the planning and construction of community sports facilities,% of the visited parents suggest that the school will guide parents to establish the concept of correct sports activities, and guide activities. Interview with the parents of primary and secondary school students, the child read primary school 1-3 grade accounting, reading the 4 -6 grade level of primary school, accounting for the first middle and middle schools, and reading high school.

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