From November 21st to 22nd, the province will have a cold wave weather process, and it is expected that the cooling is dramatic, pay attention to cold warm. According to the observation of the provincial meteorological department, most of the provinces in the province will still have foggy weather in most parts of the province in the morning. On the 20th night to the 21st, there is a small rain in the province, of which the large mountainous area and the rain along the Jiangnan areas, from 22nd to 24th, our province is mainly sunny to cloudy weather.

Affected by strong cold air, from 21st to 22nd, the province will have a cold wave weather process, the province is 4th, the gust is 7 to level 8.

After the cold air, the average temperature will drop by 9 ° C to 11 ° C, and the lowest temperature in the river is about 0 ° C from the morning, and the other region is from -2 ° C.

The meteorological department reminded that most of the province in the morning of the 19th are fog, please pay attention to traffic safety. From the 22nd to 22nd, the province is fierce, and it is necessary to pay attention to strong cooling on energy security, human health.

At the same time, the wind is high, and the billboard is needed in advance, temporary structures, try to avoid water surface and high-altitude operations, and do a good job of wind defense measures. (Reporter History).