In order to create a good political ecology that creates a wind, on September 13th, in the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Du Xiyun Road Administration launched the second warning education activity and the collective and honest government.

Member of the Party Committee of the Duyun Road Administration, all the party members of the bureau, and the party and government of all units of the bureau participated in the meeting. At the meeting, all participants watched the textual film "Work style and building", "in the road," Inform the Party’s 18th National Congress of the Guizhou Highway Bureau violates the central eight provisions of the Eight Regulations, the typical case of the Chinese provisions, the typical case and the provincial discipline committee supervision committee Cases, guide party members and cadres should be used as the case, unclear, universalism, implementation of self-cultivation, and implement the work of the party’s party responsibility.

The meeting emphasized that he attaches great importance to the work of the party’s style and clean government, tightening potential problems, deeply digs the root causes of the problem, and earnestly rectifys the loopholes to ensure the healthy and steady development of road undertakings.

It is necessary to firmly establish the rules awareness, do the system in your heart, and there is constraints, and everywhere.

It is necessary to combine "self-discipline" and "law him", consciously accept the full-time supervision of the discipline inspection and supervision department, do the scale, the rules, the behavior is constrained, comprehensively strengthen the work style of party members and cadres.

The collective and honest observation requirement, it should always be based on the case, and build a thoughts.

Party members and cadres must strengthen their ideals and beliefs, keep in mind the people’s deal, strengthen the party’s sexual tempering, abide by the moral bottom line and red line, and stick to the bottom line of the legal, to live the bottom line of life, and make honest and self-discipline. To resolutely improve the style, continue to correct the "four winds". In the problem of party members and cadres, they must be arrested in the ground, and they will be arrested, and they will take the lead in grasp, leadership team members should adhere to the lead, take the lead in obeying the law, honest, and take the lead in the right way, carry forward the rod, when Good demonstration.

It is necessary to adhere to prudent use rights and regulate road management behavior.

The leadership of the Dicheng Highway Authority will be united to unite collaboration, supervise each other, according to law, fair and fair, and correctly exercise highway management authority in his hands. We must adhere to the party to manage the party and strictly govern the party.

Party organizations at all levels must strictly implement the subject of the party’s party’s party, continue to promote the party’s ideological, organizational, style, anti-corruption and system construction, and grasp the party construction work, grasp, and catch up. (Luo Qibo) Source: (Editor: Pan Jiaqian (internship), Chen Kangqing) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.