Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: The rapid construction speed of 5G network can overcome the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic
On March 24, the official website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology published the “Notice of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Promoting the Rapid Development of 5G”, which called for the full promotion of 5G network construction, application promotion, technology development and security guarantees, and fully exerted the scale effect of 5G new infrastructureAnd promote the role of supporting sustainable economic development.The notice requires that the progress of 5G network construction be accelerated.Basic telecommunication enterprises should further optimize the work flow of equipment procurement, survey and design, engineering construction, etc., seize the construction period, and eliminate the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic to the greatest extent.Support basic telecommunications companies to target 5G independent networking (SA), control the scale of non-independent networking (NSA) construction, accelerate the network construction in major cities, and gradually extend coverage to key counties and towns with conditions.The notice requires that the resource support of base stations be increased, and local governments are encouraged to replace the supporting sites and other supporting facilities required for 5G network construction with the national land spatial planning, and strictly include it in the control detailed planning;, Public places, parks, buildings and other projects, consider the deployment requirements of 5G sites; quickly open and share public facilities and social site resources such as electricity, transportation, public security, municipal administration, education, and medical treatment.For regions with strong support, basic telecommunications companies should increase investment and give priority to 5G construction.The notice also requires strengthening power and frequency guarantees, supporting basic telecommunications companies to strengthen their connection with power companies, and speeding up the conversion of power supplies from base stations and equipment rooms to power supply; actively implementing green network transformation and accelerating the application of advanced energy-saving technologiesPromotion.Adjust the 700MHz frequency frequency usage plan, speed up the implementation of the 700MHz frequency 5G frequency usage license; timely release part of the 5G millimeter wave frequency usage plan, carry out special frequency planning research for the 5G industry (including industrial Internet), and implement the technical test frequency license in due course.Further coordinate interference between China Coaxial 5G base stations and other radio stations (stations) such as satellite earth stations.The notice also requires that network sharing and roaming across different networks be promoted.Further deepen the construction and sharing of iron towers, indoor distribution systems, pole roads, pipelines and supporting facilities.Guide basic telecom enterprises to strengthen coordination and cooperation, give full play to market mechanisms, integrate superior resources, carry out 5G network sharing and roaming on different networks, accelerate the formation of multi-network coexistence in key areas, and network layout in a remote area with one network underlay to create resource intensive and efficient5G network.Editor Xu Chao proofreading Wang Xin