Chen Limu’s amateur life is rich,Over sixty,Under the leadership of the Swimming Association,Learned to swim,This is also the fashion of the times。
play badminton、Playing Guzheng、Swim,Chen Limu loves sunshine and diversity。
For swimming,Yang Zi and Xiaoyun say they don’t want to go into the water。Chen Limu used the skills of swimming at the coach a few days ago,Wandering in the water。
Unexpectedly after people sink,Gudong a few bubbles,And then churn under the water,Yang Zi on the shore looks wrong,Let Xiaoyun go and call for help。
Ye Xingkong just came home from get off work,Hear the call,Keenly parked the car aside,Into the sky,Leap to the middle of the lake,A fierce man plunged in,Save Chen Limu ashore in just a few clicks,And pressed the chest cavity of Chen Limu, who was once unconscious,Spit out,Chen Limu gradually wakes up。
After Chen Limu opened his eyes,Yang Zi and Xiaoyun take good care of。After Ye Xingkong settled in Chen Limu,Go back to the room and change your wet clothes。
Chen Limu Swimming Pool Tendon,Life hanging,The vested Ye Xingkong gave his life to help,I became more determined to transfer part of the shares to him。
After making a decision,She called this idea to discuss with Ding Zhentian,And told Ding Zhentian about the rescue。
Ding Zhentian is a man who understands things,Except for not wanting Chen Limu to control his private life,Basically, other aspects respect Chen Limu,Besides, Chen Limu doesn’t have many shares,Just a part of her hand。
After Ding Zhentian agreed,Chen Limu strengthened his determination to give。
Donating shares to Ye Xingkong,Originally a small area,I don’t know who spread it secretly,I was soon known by the young master Ding Keyu,Furious at Zhang Cheng in the office,To vent and dissatisfy,Became silent afterwards。
Sheng Languang Building,Ding Keyu is presided over the small-scale board of directors,Hear and discuss several large export orders,And understand the business situation of several chain stores。
After the meeting,Ding Keyu returned to the office,See a folder on the desk,It is an explanatory report on Chen Limu’s donation of part of the equity to Ye Xingkong。
Ding Keyu’s face immediately gloomy,Ask the secretary,Who brought the file。The secretary replied,Li De brought it here,Said I must show it to you。
Mention Li De,Ding Keyu knows well,Most people who know Chen Limu know Li De,So Ding Keyu understands this is Jiuju“backyard”Chen Limu handed it over,Respect him,Breathe him。
Ding Keyu is angry,Take a person who looks similar to Ke Lan so much,What kind of medicine is sold in this old lady’s gourd?。How can equity be given to an outsider,at least,All of her shares in Chen Limu belong to the Ding family,Ke Lan is gone,After passing away, it will naturally be his Ding Keyu,I haven’t waited until I’m dying,I can’t wait to give an outsider surnamed Ye,And the origin is not always clear。
For Chen Limu’s approach,Ding Keyu is very unhappy。